2 one-car doors into 1 two-car door

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This is embarrassing, but I really have a hard time pulling in and out of a one car garage. I find that I would rather park in the driveway. Living in Wisconsin, I would really like to use my garage to park my car.

I am buying a house that has 2 one-car garage doors. Can I convert the garage so that I only have one large 2-car garage door. There is a small exterior portion between the two garage doors, but I don't believe it is a support. If it is a support, can it be somehow moved?

Please help!!
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It is possible that your center support can simply be removed but more than likely you'll need put in a new header to cross the entire new doorway. Is your garage sheetrocked? How wide and how far apart are the two doors now?

The first two door garage I ever built lasted ten days before the owner, who insisted on them, knocked the brick trim off with his new minivan. Lots of people have trouble with one car doors but it is worthwhile to consider that not all one car doors are the same width. Eight foot doors are a hazard to any vehicle while wider doors with straight approaches can be a lot more comfortable. Before going to the expense...you may want to see if the door you are looking at is wider than the ones you remember. Sometimes a whole garage needs major renovation. Other times a golf ball and a piece of string work just fine.

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Yes, this can be done. You will need a new header however.
You will have to have a contractor do the work, since this is high maintaince work. Not easy, but usually does not take long to do.
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Thanks for your help. I think the space between is them is only a foot, I haven't measured. The doors are certainly the 8 foot ones. I have the same type of garage now, but the space between my doors now is about two feet. That's why I thought it may be possible to make one large door with my new house. What type of contractor would I contact to get an estimate?
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A building or remodeling contractor. Get several estimates as prices will vary widely. It's a simple job, any decent local contractor ought ot be able to handle it. Also your local garage door company may be able to handle the retrofit as well as install the door.

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Thanks JW!!!

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