I'd been warned about craigslist


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I'd been warned about craigslist

...and didn't listen. Hey, crackheads are cheap and they've done decent work in the past. Well, this time it cost me.

The f'd up everything they touched including the garage, deck, and patio.

They pulled popcorn off the ceiling in the garage and tried mudding it. Not only did they not replace the old tape (which was what was falling down in the first place), they did a horrific job of mudding, and then proceded to f it up further by painting it wrong. I gave them bullseye high hide, and think they painted too fast, so of course it starts peeling down all over the place.

Is that the main reason your primer on the ceiling will start to peel? Not giving it enough to dry? It was raining so maybe it was the moisture?

Now I have a ceiling in the garage that looks like it has leprosy that needs fixing with the peeling paint. How would you guys fix it?

This whole week has been an absolute nightmare dealing with these idiots. It's obvious they had zero idea what they were doing based on the 'quality' of their work. The freakin deck isn't even square. The f'n morons managed to not only screw that up, but ran off with some of my tools. I've got tenants moving in tomorrow. Lesson THOROUGHLY learned. You get what you pay for. Never again will I use craigslist for ANY labor items.

If you guys need pictures of the ceiling, let me know and I'll post some up, but it's just the paint peeling down off the ceiling.
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Often popcorn ceilings don't get painted and moisture will compromise the texture's bond with the drywall. A garage ceiling is subjected to moist air. When wet latex paint is applied to the unpainted popcorn it further degrades the texture's bond and can cause it to separate from the ceiling. It is very common to see this in both garages and bath rms.

If it was mine, I'd scrape off all the popcorn, repair the drywall finish as needed then prime/paint .... or you could apply new popcorn as needed. While I prefer using a hopper gun and site mixed popcorn you can buy aerosol cans of popcorn texture.

No matter where you get the name - it's always best to ask for references and check them out before hiring any contractor!
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Contrary to what most "home improvement" and DIY type television programs show (and especially true of the programs I have seen on HGTV) drywall taping and painting ARE skilled trades. Sure, anyone can learn to do a half-a**ed job of taping and painting but it will LOOK like a half-a**ed job as well.

On my first real job out of high school I worked in a place that built wooden fishing boats. It was a small shop, maybe dozen employees including the owner and he allowed an old guy in his mid 70s to putter around the shop. One day this old guy told the painter, "When I get too old to do anything else, I'll become a painter." The painter shot back, "You can start anytime!"

My point is, a lot of people think they can paint, or do a lot of different things but the reality is that they may be able to slop some paint around or bend some nails or even run some electrical cable but they are NOT painters, carpenters or electricians in any way, shape or form. These are the people that have to advertise their services via Craig's List and the free classified advertising newspapers.

It was raining so maybe it was the moisture?
And I'll bet that they had the garage door open at least part of the time and no heat in the garage, correct? More likely as not the relative humidity in that space was well over 80% and the temperature maybe in the low 60s at best, both conditions conducive to failure of taping and painting.

Where I live the temperatures have been running from a low in the low 50s to highs in the low 60s as well as raining pretty much constantly for the last week. I haven't actually checked but I suspect that the temperature in my garage is in the low 60s and the humidity in the middle 80% range and I haven't had the door open since last Monday when I took my garbage out. No way would I even think about doing any drywall taping (it does need it) or painting in there before next summer.

So, yeah, you probably had some hacks doing the work but YOU also have to take some of the blame for not having the work done before the weather turned.
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What caused you to use CL in the first place to find skilled labor? Trying to save a few bucks?
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I've successfully done painting and minor drywall jobs in all kinds of weather so I'm not certain that is the cause. While the weather conditions may not have been ideal, that is something that is more apt to slow the job down than make it fail. Lack of experience/knowledge is often a major factor in paint failures.

I'm thinking the wet paint causes some of the popcorn to peel as I've seen that happen too many times to count. If it is indeed just paint peeling the cause would likely be a containment on the ceiling or extreme mistake in the application. Hopefully posting some pics would help with the determination.
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Next time maybe better ask people you know for recommendations regarding contractors, or ask the local hardware store, or a building inspector. Alternatively use an online site with reviews.

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