Chamberlain Elite CSW200UL3 Gate Stuck Open


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Chamberlain Elite CSW200UL3 Gate Stuck Open

Hello All,

I live in a small condo unit and help manage the HOA. We've had some issues recently with our garage door opener. Currently, it seems like it gets stuck from time to time if something obstructs the door. Once the obstruction is removed, the door still does not close.

I checked the control board and it seems like some lights are one that should not be.

Typically, when everything is working correctly, only the Power light is on.

Currently, as you see in the picture below, the Timer, Command Processed and Radio Receiver lights are on.

I've tried cutting power to the unit as well as using the reset button on the front of the unit.

The last time this happened, it seemed to reset itself. Curious if anyone has experience with this particular brand of commercial garage door openers.

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You haven't given us much to work with. Those lights look normal. That's a pretty old unit.
Not going to be easy to find online help for that older pro model operator.

What kind of gate is it ?
Does it have a beam sensor or bottom edge sensor system ?

A picture of the gate would be helpful.
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Just have a issue with a chamberlain door opener, They have a help line you can call or e mail
How do I contact Chamberlain Technical Support?
Hope this helps
I Emailed Yesterday should get answer today.
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Hello All,

PJ, sorry about the lack of description as I'm relatively new to understanding the in's and out's of garage door openers like this. We don't currently have a beam sensor or bottom edge sensor hooked up to the unit (from what I can tell). From the manual it looks like there is an additional module hooked up for those situations and I don't see any of those plugged into the control board. I do see that there are some marketing on the garage floor that may indicate that we do have some wires buried underneath for sensing but that doesn't seem to have done anything in regards to keeping the door open (guests typically have the door shut on their car if they are not quick with entering / exiting after the door opens)

Gate picture below. It is an arm mechanism that opens and closes the gate.

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I did send an email over to Chamerberlain to see if they can help me out.

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Here is a link to an instruction manual with a fairly good trouble shooting section.
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Unfortunately, no dice on the customer support as this is considered a commercial gate and they will only support dealers. I think my issue is illustrated on the bottom of page 49 where the Remote Control may have malfunctioned in an "ON" position? Seems strange that this maybe possible and unclear on the recourse if this is indeed the case. I'm going to check out the factory installed radio receiver and see if I can make sense of it (as shown on page 19).

Worse comes to worse I might have to call the dealer and pay the $150 for the call fee.
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Did some more digging today and de-connected the antenna from the receiver and door closed. Figured it had to be a fault remote so went around and was able to find the culprit after pulling the battery from the unit. All good!
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Glad you got it figured out! You did a good job troubleshooting the problem.

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