garage door won't close with remote

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garage door won't close with remote

I have a pretty old (20 years old) garage door opener. when temp drops (here in Texas even above freezing), remote doesn't close the garage door anymore.
In the morning, if I press remote, it will just move a bit and then stops.
I can press AND hold the manual button on the wall to close it. even for the manual button, if I release, the door will retract it back without closing. the only way I can close it is to press and HOLD the manual button/switch.
I saw some threads about adjusting down force. I did that but behavior stays the same.

This only occurs during cold weather.
anyone has suggestions on how to fix this before calling a pro?
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First you should pull the release cord to disconnect the door from the opener. Then open and close the door to feel for binding and to make sure the springs are properly adjusted. Make sure to do it when it's cold or whenever your door has problems.

Simply turning up the force of the opening is a rather bad Band-Aid fix. The door may still be binding and you're just telling the opener to shove harder. Sometimes that can end in the door being damaged. During part of the opening cycle the opener is putting a lot of side force on the door which is the door's weak direction and it can be damaged if the opener pushes or pulls too hard.
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While you are checking the door, Check the tracks. If they are dirty, greasy,or oily, wipe them clean. You can use degreaser if needed. Do not try to oil the tracks. Second, do add a drop or two of oil to the hinges and to the axles of the rollers. Your door and your opener will thank you.

If your opener happens to be a screw type, use a light grease on the screw.
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Just to clarify what the others have said. A properly adjusted door will open by hand very easily and should stay at the mid open position on its own. The door should be able to be pushed or down with just one hand and very little pressure. As stated by Goldstar do not lubricate wheels or track, but do lubricate all hinge points including the wheel bearings. Take a socket wrench and re-tighten all bolts and nuts, including the one's that hold the rail to the garage structure. Do not over tighten so as to strip the threads. After all that is done, start from scratch and re-adjust your operator.

One other thing. It may not affect your situation but check if the rails on either side touch the ground. If so, concrete heaving in cold weather will cause the rails to bind. No amount of adjustment will help. Cut the bottom of rails so that at least 1/4" gap is available in all temperatures.

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