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Antony W. Serio
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I recently purchased a house that has a decent size (15x25?) shed out back. Currently, the shed is just siting on bare earth with no foundation. What I would like to do is make the shed 'critter proof', and part of that would probably involve jacking up the shed and pouring a slab foundation.
How difficult would that be? The shed is home-built out of what looks like scrap lumber and plywood (The former owner was a contractor). Something tells me that it might be easier to dismantle the shed and re-build it over a new foundation. Any ideas?
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Get some pipe about ten foot long and put it under your shed and roll it out of the way and pour slab then roll it back up on the slab. If the shed is on skids this is save you a lot of work.

You can also get trailer jack that come up to the side of the building and allow you to jack it strai up, if want to put the building on piers.

Be careful.

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