How to wire the Chamberlain WD1000WF garage opener?


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How to wire the Chamberlain WD1000WF garage opener?

I just purchased the Chamberlain WD1000WF garage opener. How do I wire it to my existing wiring? On my existing garage wiring, the right side sensor has two cables (both white) when I strip the outer plastic, it has one red and one black wires. So, a total of four smaller wires. On the left sensor, it has only one cable that when I strip out, it has one red and one black. On the ceiling of the garage where it connects to the opener, there are three cables. First cable when stripped out the plastic shows red and black wires. The second cable also has red and black. And the third cable has red and green, I think. On the wall mount remote, it has red and black wires. The garage opener I purchased has only white and black wires only, I think. I got everything setup but I think the wiring is wrong because nothing works. The wall mount remote supposed to show a clock but nothing is showing. Any suggestion in wiring is much appreciated.
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It's hard to say but it sounds like your electrician/ builder used phone or data cable (which really isn't heavy duty enough) He probably ran the left side over to the right side then ran a wire back to the opener. So those two wires would twist together(on the right side) then tie into the eye sensor. (put the amber color LED sensor there) What I usually do is hook up push button on the wall then strip back all wires at the opener and hook them up one at a time till the push button lights up (note all wires are polarity sensitive they can only hook up one way for the LED's to lite up) Then do the same for your eye sensor till it lights up... Then hook up your green eye sensor.
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