Problem with Stanley Quiet Glide Opener


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Problem with Stanley Quiet Glide Opener

Hello everyone. I'm in need of a manual, and a part for my garage door opener, and if possible, some general guides on adjusting a garage door.

My unit is a Stanley Quiet Glide, Model st305 a09.

I've searched the net for the manual, to no avail. However, I did manage to find the OPEN/CLOSE Code instructions, of which, began my troubles. Here's what's happening.

After two years of perfect operation daily, last fall, I pushed the OPEN/CLOSE button on the wall next to the entry door of the garage, to open the garage door. As it began to lift, all of a sudden, the top of the door, hit the underside of the Opener chain support bar, to the point it bent the top of the door and stopped. After inspecting things, it appears this door has always been rubbing that support bar, but something happened to cause it to get out of adjustment.

as shown here..
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Thing is, there is no way to move that support bar/pulley assembly upwards, as it's right against the garage ceiling already. Hence I guess it's always rubbed, but I never noticed it.

Also, another odd thing... the door started to buckle inwards, right at the bracket that is connected to the opener lift bar. I've made many adjustments over the last two years, even replaced the cables on both sides of the door, but it always opened. This had me baffled.

However, after spending like 6 hours adjusting various parameters, both to the
door itself, and the door opener chain, I concluded that that bracket was in the wrong location.
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So, I moved it upwards a couple of inches,. twice, till finally, manually lifting the door, the door cleared the support bar by 1/4", which still didn't make sense, cause it operated correctly the whole time I've lived here. Go figure?

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Anyway, once I got the door to clear the support bar, I began to set the OPEN/CLOSE parameters on the opener, using the instructions I recently downloaded. However after 7 or 8 tries, I still couldn't get the door to fully close, or fully open, even though I followed the instructions. This is when I tried to relocate the position of the plastic pull/push bracket on the chain. Each time, resetting the opener OPEN/CLOSE controls, to no avail.

However, on the last try, something broke on the plastic part that pulls and pushes the lift bar. Well, it just so happens, that night was the first snow storm of the winter, so I decided to just leave the door shut until spring. Well here it is. Now I need to fix this thing, as at my age, it's difficult to manually lift this door every time I need it open. Hence my post.
Thing is, I need this plastic part before I can do anything else. Here it is..
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Can anyone link me to a parts company for this opener? Also, does anyone have a link to general garage door adjustment instructions, or to a downloadable manual for this opener? All help is appreciated mucho. Thank you.
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Hello again. Here is a *similar* part, but even it has been discontinued.
Stanley Garage Door Opener Carriage Assembly-Part # 49223

I can't find any other place online that stocks this part. Any ideas?
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Those have been discontinued for many years. No support, few parts are available.

Sorry, I'd have to suggest a new opener.
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Hi Gunguy45. Thanks. Ok, new opener it is.
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