3rd garage stall for RV

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3rd garage stall for RV

This is an old thread, but I was wondering if it would be cost-effective to build a standalone garage over adding a third stall garage. I need mine to have a 10' garage door (and clearance) for an RV. It also needs to be over 40' long. Here is an example of a standalone I came across recently.

Separated from... http://www.doityourself.com/forum/ga...ng-garage.html

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Welcome to the forums.

I moved you to your own thread.

I'm not the pro in this forum but they will be by.
I can tell you that pictures of your house that you are considering adding on to would be very helpful. http://www.doityourself.com/forum/el...-pictures.html

I just have to add.... my parents have a big RV and it would literally require rebuilding half the home to be able to add a bay on that would be that tall.

Cost effective... doubtful. Home appearance...
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Much will depend on your house and site. I think the aesthetics will largely determine if you want a bus garage attached to your main house or garage. Often they are located separately to get them more out of sight.

Adding on to an existing garage can have some savings. The common wall does not need an exterior finish and utilities like water and electricity don't have to be run as far. I don't think the savings is extreme however. Attached to a house or existing garage zoning and building codes may demand a higher level of construction where if you build a detached garage pole barn construction may be allowed.
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I think the 10' high is not so bad, it's the 40' long. That's too deep for an attached garage IMO.
The garage would dominate the look of the house and it might look like a bus station.

Even attached foundations require tying into the existing foundation with rebar or other and you're not saving much work versus detached.

Around here there are strict setbacks in most places. In my area a detached structure can be closer to the property line than an attached structure. That might be a benefit.
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I would check to see whether you are allowed to build such a structure first. My boss built a garage a few years ago partly so he could store his RV instead of paying someone else to do so but he had to get a variance to build the structure.
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Door size

I think the 10' high is not so bad
You mentioned 10 foot door. Is the 10 foot the required width? I would expect the required height would be in the neighborhood of 14 feet. Am I correct?

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