Need to get black oil, grim stains off of struts.


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Cool Need to get black oil, grim stains off of struts.

I moved to a new home and seems like the previous owner had some work done on the garage door. Problem is that the struts on the inside panel of the garage door have lots of oil, grime, and black stains from repairwork. The door works just fine but the stains are an eyesore given the house is not even 5 years old. I tried to use rubbing alochol and a degreaser to get it off but seen only minimal success. Someone had suggested brake cleaner. Anyone had experience with it? Anything else I can try? Please the attached picture.
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Spray 9 would be a good choice of cleaners..... spray nine-cleaner degreaser
Mineral spirits would be another choice.
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I would try MEK or lacquer thinner on a rag.
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MEK is some heavy duty will eat paint and dissolve plastic and foam. I'd probably try Simple Green full strength (it's really amazing what it can dissolve) then naptha, then acetone, then finally the MEK. Looks to me like he probably sprayed WD-40 or similar on the hinges (if that's what you were referring to in the pic) to try to quiet them down...the struts (the full width bent sheet metal braces) may have some drippage, but should easily clean up.
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I use a light oil/lubricant in a spray can... spray it on a cloth and wipe it off. I do my struts about twice a year to keep them clean and looking like new. If you see black powder on the strut below each hinge, they need a drop of lube on the hinge points.
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I'd use mineral spirits and an old paint brush to scrub them. I agree MEK is too strong for the surrounding surfaces.
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Everyone has given good ideas & opinions, so I'll throw mine in. Just stuff I would have around handy around the house that I'd try is:
Dawn dish soap (the birds at the beach seem to like it to break down oil) &

Whether it'd get your job done I don't know but, that's what I'd try just off hand.

Good luck.......

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