How to reset Wayne Dalton BDOR 2000


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How to reset Wayne Dalton BDOR 2000

Hi there.

I am looking at the manual online and can't see anywhere how to reset the door travel parameters.
I suspect something got caught on the door track or something because one morning I closed the door or so I thought, it actually reversed itself after I pushed the wall control button. I had to leave next day so just ended up forcing the door down with my foot when it tried reversing again.
Now it either makes a little attempt at opening the door (when I push the wall or remote button) but not moving the door at all on the way up or it stops about 5" on it's way down (sometimes still reversing and opening the door all the way)
I don't remember what is the red button is for on the "brain unit", but I tried pushing and holding that button, red light came on and then nothing happened.

Thank you in advance,
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For those who was wondering....
After a visit from garage door repair company, Just $95 later and about 20 minutes of work the door is working like it should.
The door needed to be re-balanced (it was too heavy and was causing the opener to stop) by adjusting the tension of the spring on the left side of the "torsion tube" as looking out of the garage. Then programming was set by pushing the "magic button" on the wall remote. They door cycled twice and all is working right so far.
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Thanks for letting us know. Sorry we couldn't help. Just no experience at all with W-D openers I guess.

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