Bent the top panel of my garage because I知 an idiot


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Bent the top panel of my garage because I知 an idiot

Hi all. I know absolutely nothing about garages and, apparently, proximity because as I backed out of my garage, the door hit the hood of my car and has now become warped in the middle of the top panel...

It will open, but not close all the way because of the warp. I知 assuming this happened because the motor kept running and put force on the door despite it being unable to fully shut. It also seems that I致e torn a part of the frame as well..

Is there any way to fix this myself? Can I just push it back into place? Please help!!



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Sorry here are working links to the images. I can't seem to get them posted here

Inside view
Side view
Close up of torn bit
Under side of torn area
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Ouch, with the metal torn you really have a damaged section and suspect to get it back to normal will need to be replaced!
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Yup, replace the panel.
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Get a piece of angled perforated metal that you can use to stabilize the bend. Make it an 8' piece and cut it to fit the entire width of the door. Use it as leverage to help get the door back to straight. Screw along the length to hold the door straight. Then, get a smaller piece of perforated angle and bridge the gap from the top perforated metal to the first hinge below where the opener attaches. This will take the pressure off the top panel and transfer it to the hinge of the lower panel. Worth a shot versus a new panel or new door.
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Replace... and why is the door opener installed backwards?
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And as per Doorman, that's most likely the reason it didn't stop when excessive down force was encountered. The opener thinks it's opening when it's actually closing. No safety was triggered which is why the damage happened.
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Hey thanks for the suggestion @czizzi. We were actually able to straighten out the door to close it, however the top strut is still split. Like you suggested, we thought we should stabilize the broken strut with another piece of metal. Thank you for being so exact with your instructions

Do you have any opinions on getting a new strut altogether (gotta order a custom one for around $200) vs doing what you suggested, in terms of longevity/overall safety?

Here are two new images of the state the garage is currently at.

straightened out garage door
close up of the split

@Doorman2722: I did not even know it was installed that something you think I should try to reinstall? We just moved in last year to the house as new homeowners...guess we have a lot to learn

@tomf63: Thanks for the explanation. I really appreciate any knowledge because I truly know nothing about garages lol
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That opener absolutely is installed all wrong. An extension cord stapled to the ceiling for power? Probably plugged in to a light socket adapter? Likely ungrounded?

You aren't going to repair that panel with any real success...based on what you said about your knowledge and skill level. A strut should not cost anywhere near $200. To be clear...the strut is the galvanized bent sheetmetal brace that runs across the entire panel. Seems like they run about $60 or so if ordered retail? A panel would be about $200 maybe, with a strut. Been a while since I did one.

IF, you can get a compatible strut, and IF, you can straighten the panel enough to attach it securely, and IF, it runs easily up and down, and IF you remove and re-install the opener (or have it done...even by a handyman) might be good for a year or 2. It will still look like hell, but it might be made functional.

For the small addl amount of money and piece of a minimum, I'd replace the top panel and re-install the opener correctly.
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I love the sticker on the opener that says for service to call "Budget Garage Doors". I can guess how they came up with the name.

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