Garage Door Backup Battery and Circuit Breaker Panel Switch


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Garage Door Backup Battery and Circuit Breaker Panel Switch


I have 2 questions. Not sure if I should ask both on one post

1. I have a Genie Model 1022/1024/1042 garage door opener (not sure which one. The builder left an instruction manual that says Models 1022/1024/1042). We have had some power outages during winds and storms and I would like to install a backup battery that will help during an outage. Genie sells some batteries but they don't seem to work with this model. What is a good option/solution that is easy to install and reliable?

2. This one is a strange problem. My wife has a keyfob type garage door opener remote that she keeps in her handbag (she does not like using a regular car visor clip model) . She has a habit of accidentally pushing the button on the keyfob garage door opener remote when we are at home and she is fumbling for stuff in her handbag (don't ask me why she does that). These days I just switch off the breaker panel for the garage door in the evening when we are at home so that she does not accidentally leave the garage door open all night. I just switch it on the next morning.
My question is, will the breaker panel switch for the garage door eventually wear out and result in expensive repairs if it is switched on and off multiple times every day? Should I just invest in a good extension cord with a switch to serve this purpose?
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1) Those appear to be similar models. They are not the type that are battery backup. You'd have to install a UPS somewhere in the garage and use an extension cord. That would be a little messy and not the safest choice. You could change the unit for a model that has the internal battery. Otherwise you need to do what others do and pull the safety release.

2) The breakers last a long time if they aren't switching under load. You could just replace it when it wore out. However that seems like a pain in the *ss to have to do constantly. You could run a switch leg to a doorway to shut the power off. That would require a two wire cable w/gr to go to the panel or the opener.
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If your 1022/1024/1042 model garage door opener was made after 2012, you can add a series II wall console to it. This wall console has a vacation lock button on the top of it. What that does is when it is "locked" you cannot open the door with any remotes or other wireless devices until the door is unlocked from that wall console. This would save you from turning the whole operator off and back on with the breaker. You could do this right from wherever you have the wall console placed.

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