Garage door opener misalignment


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Garage door opener misalignment

I just installed my garage door opener over the weekend. It is currently working fine however I just noticed that my garage door opener rail is probably 1-2 inch off from the middle of the door. (Hindsight i should have drew a line striaght up from middle of door to identiy where to mount my garage door opener rail.)

My question is should I disassembly my opener and shift it over the 2" or is it acceptable tolerance?
Attached are pictures of the offset. If they aren't clear i can take better ones.

Thank you
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Yes, I would definitely shift it over so that the rail is centered on the garage door when the door is fully open. Should be an easy 5 minute adjustment.
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Okay I just wasn't looking forward to putting more holes into the header board where my rail connects.

Best method would be to:
Remove motor place on floor/ladder then disconnect the rail then re-adjust accordingly?

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No. Leave the motor unit right where it is. Disconnect the door from the opener. Loosen the bolts on the motor unit. Set up a ladder under the track where it's mounted. Unbolt the mount from the wall, move it and refasten it.

Depending on how much it needs to be moved.... you may be able to reuse one of the holes.
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So long story short I discovered the following:
I had to move the mount from the wall to the right 5/8" which I was worried would be too close to existing hole so I also shifted it downward to give it a little more space between holes. Once the wall mount was moved the side effect was the J bar that connects between the garage door and the rail to be too long which was caused the garaged door opener rail to bow then stopping instead of triggering the reverse sensor (when testing the reverse functionality with a 2x4).

The end result was i had to move the wall mount again up and that seemed to fix all the issues. It was pretty interesting to see all the cause and effect each change had on the overall system.

I did verify that the motor was still sitting lower then the wall mount which I believe is suppose to be correct.

Thinking back i probably could have shorten the J bar instead of moving the wall mount up higher but at the time I was just getting frustrated. Hindsight 20/20

Thank you for your help!
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I've seen worse but move it if you can. Also you should put a kicker/anti sway from one of the drops to the angle iron on the ceiling that is holding the motor to ceiling.

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