remote issue after trying to set up homelink


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Question remote issue after trying to set up homelink

I have a Liftmaster 1/3 HP Security+ garage door opener which is about 20 years old. Yesterday I tried to set up HomeLink with my honda odyssey. The opener has a rolling code. After a few attempts, I was able to get it to sync with the HomeLink button in the honda odyssey. The next day I tried to use the HomeLink button in the odyssey and it did not work. Later I noticed that both my remotes (971M) were not working anymore.

I have tried the following but none of this has worked
1. Replaced the batteries in the remote.
2. Pressed the learn button on the opener to clear the codes
3. Tried to reprogram the remotes. I believe the procedure is to press the (red) learn button and then press the remote button within 30 seconds. However, the learn LED stays lit, it does not flash at all (i.e. likely does not detect the remote) and eventually turns off. Thereafter if I try to press the remote button, it randomly has a flash here and there when I press the remote button. But it does nothing

The wall switch still opens and closes the garage door. I suspect the logic board has stopped working. Not sure what could have triggered it. The logic board is 41a5021-1d.

I thought of taking out the logic board to visually inspect for any issues but have not done it yet because then I won't be able to operate the garage door at all.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot further would be much appreciated

Thank you
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Hi, I would call Chamberlain / Liftmaster tech support, you may be on hold for awhile but they are normally very helpful.
Have you tried unplugging the opener and reprogramming?
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Thank you for the tip. I'll give them a call. Yes, I've also tried unplugging the opener and reprogramming but it didn't work.
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm not sure if a 20 year old opener will link up with a new car.
I can tell you that all remotes must be programmed at the same time. So you will need to reprogram your remotes and then try the Homelink.

Typically you'd have two programmed remotes and then use one of them to program the vehicle Homelink. See if the video in the link is helpful. Homelink
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Thanks for your reply. It's an old car. As mentioned earlier, I was able to get it to work with homelink using one of my programmed remotes. But the next day all remotes including the homelink "remote" in the car no longer worked. I am unable to determine what caused this.

Anyway, I called Chamberlain per the earlier suggestion and they tried to walk me through erasing and reprogramming my remote. But they were unable to do so. I must say the tech rep was very helpful and spent 30 min with me on the phone. The opener just didnt seem to detect the remote. They asked me if there were any LED bulbs nearby or there were any power surges. There were none. The rep concluded that it is either the logic board or the remote. There is no way to troubleshoot further at this point. I have ordered a new logic board and am going to try swapping the old one out.

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