Gate Receiver Not Working


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Gate Receiver Not Working

I cannot open our gate with the remote transmitter.

We didn't use the gate for ~5 years (the main battery died), but before the battery died, it worked perfectly. It's a solar gate. I bought a new battery, and the gate works well when hitting the "go" button on the gate controller main board, but I cannot open it with the remote transmitter/receiver. When I hit the button on the transmitter, nothing happens.

The batteries in the transmitters are new (we have two transmitters), and the green LEDs on the remotes shine bright.

I never touched the receiver when replacing the battery.

I can't find any documentation on the receiver board, so I'm at a loss. Do I have to buy a new receiver? There are DIP switches on the receiver board, but maybe it's also a rolling code receiver, and it lost it's program during the blackout? There is an unlabeled button on the board, maybe that's the programming button?

Does anyone know how to get this thing working?


Link to photos of the setup:
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My only guess could be that possibly overtime a little corrosion has built up on the connections from the receiver to the controller. I would redo each of these connections, shouldn't take that long, and see if that helps.
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Who is the mfg. of the opener?

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The opener is US Automatic.

The remote module isn't labeled outside of some version info on the circuit board, and Google searches haven't yielded any useful results.

I tried reprogramming for 30 minutes, trying every technique possible, and I think I've concluded that the receiver is bad, and I ordered a one a couple days ago. Hopefully that resolves the issue.
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Looks like the main board above where the remote is connected has gotten wet. You can bypass the remote unit to test the system by shorting the switch contacts (green and orange wires) to make sure the opener board is responding.

The Oracle is a Chamberlain product. I can't find the old programming steps.... just the new one. It looks like it integrates with a keypad gate opener.

Oracle (pdf)
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Sadness and despair.

The new receiver arrived, I hooked it up, went to program it, and it's not opening the gate either. So something must be wrong with the gate main board.

Calling the repair guy, I guess.

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