Garage door trolley carriage disengages unexpectedly


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Garage door trolley carriage disengages unexpectedly

Hi all!

I have a Chamberlain Model 2220 garage door opener which was manufactured sometime in 11/2000. A few days ago I encountered an issue when the door is raised. Here's what happens:
  1. 1. Garage door opener is triggered by the switch and starts raising the door.
  2. 2. When the trolley carriage reaches the maximum raised position (right next to the motor), there's a "click" sound as the tab on the pull cable on the trolley carriage is disengaged somehow and the door falls down.
  3. 3. The issue seems to be intermittent. I'm not sure of what may be causing it to be intermittent, because sometimes the trolley carriage stays engaged, and sometimes it disengages by itself.

I read in some previous threads here that the door should not be falling down, even if the trolley carriage is disengaged suddenly. The door does fall down with some force when the carriage disengages undesirably, but if I manually disengage using the pull cable the door only sags down slightly without falling down. Here are some things I've checked:
  1. 1. Tension springs seem fine. I don't see anywhere it may have snapped.
  2. 2. Steel cables and drums seem fine. They have very little to no slack.
  3. 3. Screw drive rack seems fine too, without any obvious damage. AFAIK if the drive rack's threads are stripped the drive rack should become jammed, or not move at all while the screw drive continues to turn?

Any insight would be appreciated before I start ordering parts, or service, to repair this. Thanks!

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Welcome. You said you read that the door should not fall down with the trolley disengaged, and that is correct. In real life, yeah, having absolute perfect balance through the entire travel is probably not achievable so gravity may win, but it should not be with a thud. So although you said the springs seem fine it sounds like they need to be adjusted. And, particularly if they are torsion springs, I suggest calling a local door company to do it, and they could take care of both problems at once. To the issue with the trolley though, I would first suspect that the rail or the opener is moving, so would inspect their mountings at the ceiling and at the header to make sure things that are solid.
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Thank you aka pedro for your reply!

So after more reading and watching YoutTube tutorials I've determined that part of the problem seems to be that the torsion springs have lost tension somehow. The springs themselves are about 8+ years old. It's possible that due to the torsion springs not assisting holding the door up properly wore out the trolley carriage.

I called two top garage door companies in the Orange County, CA area and wasn't too happy with their rates. They wanted to charge just to get a quote as well, which would be "waived" if I elect to continue with receiving service from them. I'm not an expert in dealing with garage door companies but as a matter of running a business this seems to be a terrible way to treat potential customers, forcing them to be locked in or pay a quotation fee. I pushed for some details such as replacing the springs, and they wanted $100-150 per spring plus labor on top of that, which seems a bit high.

Part of my consideration is the tools needed. Basically I probably would never use the tools again after fixing this myself (if I go that route). As of this point I have a pretty decent idea of how to do the repairs myself. I'm pretty handy and don't mind breaking a sweat. I'll probably check around with some other companies this week and compare prices to buying the tools and doing it myself.
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So it ended up being something I overlooked when I inspected it.

I had some help from Daniel, the owner of OC Garage Door (O C Garage Door in Fountain Valley, CA - (714) 875-3194 - Profile) to diagnose and fix the issue.

The underlying issue was that over time the drive rack was traveling too far, so when the drive rack hits the maximum travel stop bolt, the trolley carriage was jolted and became disengaged. Daniel fixed the travel (I would've fixed it myself if I had noticed this!), and also changed my springs. Everything works great now.

Daniel is very honest, informative, and charges a fair price. He doesn't try to up-sell unnecessary services, or slip in hidden fees like the two other companies I contacted previously. If anyone in Orange County/Los Angeles County needs service done on their garage doors I recommend him wholeheartedly!

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