Fixing snapped garage door from opener ?


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Fixing snapped garage door from opener ?

Hi everyone,

I pressed the button to open it up the other night and then I heard a loud boom and then it finished lifting and went back down, and then once more I put it up and down and it made the loud boom again. I did a little looking and found the cause. Pics attached. Are there any repairs for this that can be done without replacement? Or can it just be used as a manual again without risk of anything going wrong and hurting someone opening or closing it manually?

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I think with a few pieces of that perforated angle you could make a new attachment that goes across the top structure then down the center structure.

That connection point should always be reinforced with either a 1x piece of wood or a piece of steel on the inside!
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That also tells me the door was not well balanced. After replacing the damaged parts with new angle and or wood, make door can be lifted with one hand and held in place at mid way without rising or falling.
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If I'm not mistaken garage door manufactures specify that the door be reinforced before installing an opener. I've always seen that done with a piece of metal inserted under the rib.
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Not so sure about that. I think it depends on the door quality. I have two doors that has no reinforcement at that spot but the the member is a thick right angle piece with the arm bolted on at two spots spread apart by about 2 inches. My previous doors also did not have any reinforcement at that point. Nor does my son's garage door.

A closer look at the second pic shows a bolt hole not being used. and that may have caused flexing in the horizontal direction and over time weakened the metal.

But I do agree a piece of wood as a stiffener would've prevented this from happening.
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I think the upper bolt may have fallen out. It looks like there are wear marks where a bolt may have been.

In any case, a piece of perforated angle iron will fix it. As Norm recommended make sure that the door springs are properly adjusted.
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The upper bolt was ripped out.

For the door to make a bang going up..... it must be getting stuck on something above.
You need to figure out what the door got stuck on before completing repairs.
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Hard to say with pictures, but it looks to me like maybe the opener was not adjusted properly, specifically, trying to picture the bracket on the door as it was before the strut broke, I'm thinking the arm may have been traveling past vertical, which would put additional down force on that bracket. Just something you might want to take a good look at if you are able to repair it. As far as repairing it, yes, because I was told this by a long time garage door installer, so believe that some doors are not intended for an opener unless properly reinforced. Can it be fixed? I think so, along the line of what Marq said, given the right material and some careful measuring and fitting. Keep in mind making sure the door is properly balanced, should be able to be raised and lowered by hand, and should stay by itself at mid-travel. If it is not properly balanced, I suggest calling a professional garage door company because those torsion springs can be dangerous, in which case you could ask them what they think of repairing the door.

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