Plastic shed footing problem


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Plastic shed footing problem

I'm not sure if "footing problem" correctly defines my need here so I'll explain: I have a small 7x7 Rubbermaid plastic shed that's done a great job for me for 20 yrs and continues to look good. Except for the immediate areas around it especially in the front with the 2 wide swinging doors. The shed sits directly on the ground and as such the lower area and especially the approach to the doors gets very muddy. Growing grass around it is not practical with its location. I need advice on a material to use all the way around to reduce the mud/dirt getting on the lower exterior walls and in the shed. I'm thinking some sort of aggregate? I do wheel my lawn mower and wheel barrow in and out so would be nice to have a material that's easy to wheel over.

When I assembled the shed, I actually laid down a square of roofing shingles all the way around which actually worked ok for a long time. I'm hoping there's a better looking material out there now though. I just finished cleaning the nasty shed and right now it looks almost new so would like to keep it that way as long as possible. I had a problem where rain water would run by right at the front area of the shed but I think I have that corrected with a long diversion channel I dug on the upside the goes around the back of the shed. Sorry for the long post, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any suggestions.

You may be able to see a piece of the shingle I used

Not bad for a 20yo shed?
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Yes, it looks like you had a drainage problem. Hopefully your diversion trench will help, but you will need to be vigilant to prevent it from silting up and allowing water back to the shed.

Cleaning away the dirt that has accumulated on top of your shingles is one option. You can spread mulch around the shed though over the course of several years it degrades into an organic pudding that might be worse than dirt. You can put down stone of almost any variety you want. If you want to get fancy you can dig out a couple inches of dirt and put down pre-cast concrete stepping squares.
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