Are Microllan LVL beams weather proofed?

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Are Microllan LVL beams weather proofed?

I have new Microllam LVL beams in place on a new build garage, now I'm told my trusses are running behind for delivery, possibly another 3-4 weeks, we have rain and snow coming and the beams will be exposed to the weather longer than expected. Looked online and the only info I can find is that the beams should not be exposed to the wet weather, I can't even find a phone number of the manufacturer so I can get a little tech support on how weatherproof these beams really are, no sheathing on the front of the garage yet. Thinking about wrapping my cripples and beams with Tyvek to keep them dry but I wish I could contact the manufacturer to see just how critical keeping these beams dry really is. Anyone have any info on this subject?

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Laying on the ground in a mud puddle is one thing. After they are up, there should be no problem from them being in the weather for a while. Happens all the time.

The wall studs will stay straighter if the sheathing gets put on asap.

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I have some extra rolls of Tyvek, plan on draping it over the top to cover the beam. Finished putting it up yesterday just in time then the rain moved in. We have more rain and high winds for the next couple days, planning on getting out there as soon as the winds calm down so I can start sheathing it. I'll try to cover it today and put on more braces also, the weather has been horrible the past few weeks. I did find something online that said these beams have a "watershed overlay moister barrier" on them but still plan on putting cover over it just in case these trusses take longer than I was told. My overhead door distributor already told me it would take about 16 weeks just to get a garage door in, guess it was a bad time to start building, can't get anything on time anymore to finish up this project...
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They are not treated for exterior exposure but like all the other wood your using it will be OK for a while. And, the LVL's I have used do seem to be impregnated or coated as the water mostly beaded up without soaking in.
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I'd cover with a waterproof tarp.

This link \/ is not of much help.

The beam maker makes tradeoffs to make a profit while avoiding a huge public scandal, as does the Tyvek maker. By using one product to protect another you may be doubling your risk of these beams having a short lifetime.

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Tyvek allows moisture to pass thru..... not running water.
Using Tyvek to keep water off the LVL is fine.
99% of the water will just run off the paper.

I wouldn't hesitate to wrapping the LVL on three sides and stapling the Tyvek on.
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Pretty much like OSB, water resistant, not water proof. Unless your looking at months of exposure you can use your time for other items and not worry!

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