3' Eaves on Shed Roof - Posting Questions

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3' Eaves on Shed Roof - Posting Questions

Hello everyone - I am in the process of planning the build of an 8x12 shed. On one of the 12' faces (front of the shed), I would like to have the roof overlap by 3' to create a shelter for my bbq during the summer (pic attached below).

My plan is to put 3 4x4 posts with a with a deck beam to sit the trusses on at the end of the 3' - but my main concern at the moment is that the shed is going to be built on blocks, making me wonder what the best footing for the posts would be. If the shed moves up and down with freeze/thaw, wouldn't anchoring the posts in concrete piers set below the frost line seem like a recipe for disaster?

So my questions are the following:
  • Are posts necessary at all? In other words, can I cantilever trusses by 3' on an 8' building? I am assuming no, but I am asking anyways.
  • If the shed is built on blocks, what would be the best footing for the posts to ensure I don't pull the roof down (or push it up) during the freeze/thaw cycles?
For consideration, I am in Quebec, Canada, and snow is a factor.

Thanks in advance!

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I would call a truss building place and ask them what the cost would be for what you want. That way the trusses will be engineered by experts to do what you want.
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You don't need posts. Cantilever your ceiling joists out. Put a 2x subfascia across them. Your rafters will butt into that fascia, and get nailed to the side of the ceiling joists. Then add a plumb support directly above the top plate, below the rafter, nailed to the side of the ceiling joist. If you want added support, slap a triangle of osb on the side to strengthen the connection.
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I'm a third vote for no posts. I would buy or build trusses planning for the 3' overhang or stick build like XSleeper mentions.
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2' cantilever, 1' overhang, do it because it looks good!

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That does look good Marq1 - not gonna lie!

Fantastic news that I don't need posts. What I was thinking of doing was building king post truss', 24" OC, with a 6:12 pitch. This means that for my 8' shed depth, I would need a 12' rafter (8 for the shed + 1' for overhang in the back + 3' for overhang in the front).

So 12' long king truss built out of 2x4, hurricane clipped to the top plates of the shed + all the bracing mentioned by XSleeper and I should be good to go?

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