Why does this garage door open so Loudly?

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Why does this garage door open so Loudly?

A three-car attached garage.
A one-car door opener, and a two-car door opener.
Both automatic openers are from Lift Master, 1/3 HP, chain-drive.
The 1-car label says Part No 41A4252-7A, Date 10/94.
The 2-car label says Part No 41A4252-7G, Date 12/15.
When the One-car door is opened, it often (but not always) makes
a big knock / bang / noise, just as it starts to go up.
It's sorta' like the door is "stuck" closed, and immediately Forced to open.
I've examined the two sides, and the bottom, where the door touches anything;
there are no signs of anything sticky or wet.
It might make that noise when the door had been closed for just a minute,
or closed for a few days.
The 2-door opener works well, as does every other action of the 1-door opener.
WHAT could be causing this racket?

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Release the door from the opener and open and close it several times by hand. It should move smoothly and quietly. If it doesn't, you need to address that first. Could need lubrication, could have a bad roller or two, hinges could be dry, spring might not be balanced, track could be misaligned, etc.

If that's all good, then look at the opener mounting. A lot of time installers just install a couple of pieces of angle that don't support the opener well. Or the bolts just may be loose. If you watch the opener while you open the door, and it jerks or moves around a lot, you may need to tighten the mounting hardware or even beef it up some. Another thing to check is the splice in the opener rail, if it has one. Could be loose. Finally, check the chain or belt tension if it's belt or chain drive.
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Adjust the down switch actuator if there is one.
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"Lubrication" would be dry silicone. Not WD-40 and no grease.
Typically the track should be well cleaned first.
OK to lubricate the rollers with oil. Apply sparingly.

Your door sounds heavy.
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Chain drives are typ the nosiest of openers! The new belt drives with variable speeds (Chamberlin) are incredibly quiet if you ever replace!
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Chains can stretch over time. Perhaps yours has developed just enough slack to make a noise when the slack is taken up. Can you see or feel any slack in the chain?

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