garage opener will not open in cold weather

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garage opener will not open in cold weather

20+ year old Liftmaster 2000SDR works fine except when below 50 degrees. Then it will not open. it opens about 4 inches then reverses and stops. If I help it lift for the first foot or two then it opens. The up pressure adjustment is at maximum. If I release the door from the opener then it opens without excess force. same as in warmer weather.
Does this mean it is old and tired? Ready to be retired?
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My Genie door opener worked just the opposite. It did not shut if temps were much below 50*. It would lower part way, stop and reverse. Always in the same spot. Down force adjustment had no effect.

The problem ended up being the rails. I think they move just a wee bit with temp changes. I disconnected the opener from the door and lowered it manually. I could feel a difference in drag lowering the door by hand. I found a spot where the rollers were rubbing hard against the rail on one side. Moving the rail out an 1/8" fixed the problem.
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Jeweler, look to see if you have an upforce adjustment on your opener. It's not uncommon to have to adjust them in cold weather.
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My Moms GDO opener would stall occasionally in the winter, local GD company came out, cleaned all the old grease, grime, and dirt off the the wheels, shafts, and tracks, has run fine for several years since.
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CW most probably has the correct diagnosis.
Check if the rails are close to touching the ground.
Several years ago, I had a similar problem and related as such here. In cold weather or extreme temp differences if the door faces south will cause the rails to shift. I had to cutoff about a 1/4" from bottom of rail as to not touch the slight heaving of cement during cold weather.
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Thanks, all. I will check the rails for any movement or binding when cold. I am betting on a build up of old hardened lubricants on the rails a wheels. Hadn’t thought this was an issue when I looked previously. But, that was in warm weather. Duh… I will bet one or both of these suggestions is causing my issue.
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In addition to all the good advice you've gotten, I'll add one thing I had trouble with on my garage door:
one of the hinges between the sections had partially seized up. When that hinge went around the "corner" of the track it caused enough resistance to cause the opener to reverse. One more thing to check- Steve

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