Epoxying Garage Floor--ambient temp. question


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Hi all,

I applied my first coat two Sundays ago (after many days of preparation...), thinking I'd put down the second two days later as I happened to be off that Tuesday. As it turned out, the temperature dropped into the mid-50s and the directions (Valspar 2 part epoxy) said don't apply below 60 degrees F. This past weekend I had to go out of town, losing out on the spate of warm weather here in Delaware--now I'm looking at an upcoming weekend that's once again supposed to drop down into the 50s. As we fast approach November, I am sincerely worried I may never get this second coat on, which it _SORELY_ needs. Does anyone have any experience with Epoxy? If it's in the mid-50s, can I get away with it? My house is in total disarray as all sorts of things that were in the garage are now scattered from the utility room to the den to the back deck under a tarp.

Let me tell you, this garage project has turned into the Vietnam War--I've gone in and now I can't figure out how to get back out!
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You should contact the paint manufacturer. 2 part epoxy paint can be tricky and you don't want to mess up with it. It's not like regular paint when it comes to fixing a mistake, trust me I know...

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