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Garage Roof

I have an old garage with tin siding and roof on rusted metal trusses. I want to tear it down to the slab and rebuild. The slab (excellent condition) is 31x31, with concrete footers extending 1 foot above slab level. I need ideas on roof construction. Seems like a 31' span will be tough to do with rafters - will this be possible, or am I stuck with trusses? Would this be a standard width for a truss, or am I looking at custom work? Do I place rafters or trusses on 24" centers? What kind of costs am I looking at? Where do I buy trusses, if that's my only choice?
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For 31' you definetly want trusses. All trusses are built to fit, and are very inexpensive. You can buy a truss cheaper then you can buy the wood for rafters. With rafters with a 31' span, you will need a minimum of 2x6's, and will have to have a minimum of at least one girder. Your permit dept, will have alot to say about your rafters and they will have to be built to their standards. Go with the trusses. Good Luck
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Sorry, but I made a mathmatical error calculation when figuring the load bearing figures on your rafter question. Your distance is really only 15'-6" and I used 31'. It is still less expensive and less work to go with the trusses, but you could go with 2x6's, 16" on center without a girder. You would have to use metal ridge ties, and you would have to laminated a ridge beam. The trusses would only be 24" on center. Sorry about the error. I made the post, then while taking a nap, my brain woke me up with my error. Sorry about that.

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