Steel beams instead of lallies


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Lightbulb Steel beams instead of lallies

Hey all, I am organizing my plans for my new garage. It is to be 28' deep by 32' wide and will have two 10' wide garage doors on the 32' side. The other 32' side (the back) will abut my house.

I have the where-with-all to use steel beams. I have a boom truck and a metal fab shop at my disposal. I obviously do not want a single lally column in my garage. What will I need for steel beams? Above the garage is a great room, so I need to figure in for an intermittent static load as partying guests can be heavy!

I am hoping for a single 28'er from front to back with micro-lams spanning the split sixteen sides. The other thought would be dual 32's running left to right. This would be handy for chainfalls and lifting engines.

Any suggestions? CJ
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My initial thought when reading your question, was a 32' steel beam down the center supported at each end, with 14' micro lams or 2 x 12's at right angles from the beam out to each side.
That beam would have to be an I beam probably at least 18 " deep. There will be alot of deflection on it. check with your permit department and see what they say. Good Luck. Sounds like my kind of job.
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I saw something on a new job today, and thought I would share it with you. This garage was 32 feet long and had a large room upstairs. The beam across the center (the 32' length) was three 2x12, and the two sandwiches were 12" wide plate steel, with 1/2" bolts every foot, in a zig zag pattern. I checked the deflection and it was insignificant. Thought this may give you another idea.
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Well Jack, I appreciate your input! It has allowed me to get a mind's eye image as to what I can expect from the architect. I hope to have some plans drawn over the course of the next couple of weeks.

It looks like I really should invest a few (maybe 6) hundred dollars in planning as it could save me thousands later.

I will keep you posted with regard to my progress!


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