Grease/work Pit in Garage Floor


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Question Grease/work Pit in Garage Floor

I am building a garage and would like to have a grease/work pit in the floor. Does anyone have any experance with this? I am looking for an "ideal" depth and length.

Thank Owen K
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I think you also need to check with the local building inspector before you get going. About 15 years ago we designed 3 of these for a bus maintenance garage. As I remember, there were a ton of special requirements for drainage, ventilation, explosion-proof electrical devices, etc. Granted, it was a long time ago, but in my experience, codes seem to get tougher.

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Thanks Bruce

I have checked with the building dept and since I this is my home and I am not running power to the pit I am ok. There only concern was that the bottom is not within 45 degrees of a bearing wall. There are definitely some personnel concerns regarding ventilation.

Owen K
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I put one in my shop floor when I built it about 8 years ago. Made it 32" wide ( two blocks ) and about about 16' long. When I poured the floor, I formed a 2x2" lip around the top course of solid block and now I had a place to put the pcs of 2x12 I use for a cover that makes the wood flush with the floor.

Depth is sized for me, 56".....7 courses of block.....I have to crouch over slightly to change oil in the Honda Accord, but my pickups, farm tractor and bull dozer I can walk right under!

The "floor" is just crushed gravel.

I also ran conduit and used 2 of the wire enclosed/jelly jar type fixtures, .....also a couple of recepticles, and an air line.
All VERY handy.

One thing I would change IF I could, I would have run a "drain" line out the side to the lower side of the foundation ( which I could have, but you may not have the sloped lot I do) and run the drain into a 55 gallon barrel for the scrap oil. I use a 5 gallon drain can now with the extendable tube and big funnel on the upper end for oil changes.....and then have to haul the thing up the steps and out to the 55 gal scrap barrel. And like when I'm changing fluids in the tractor, the trans/hydro system has 9 gallons in it, so I have to stop, stick the plug back in and make the trip twice just on that !!

Definitely worth doing though !

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