Installing a garage floor drain


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Question Installing a garage floor drain

I am building a new garage (attached) and am installing a floor drain in the garage, but I am not entirely certain how to complete the project. The garage is 35x40 built on clay and it is located in MN (i.e. cold weather is a factor). The garage will be fully insulated before winter, however the heater may not be installed until the following summer. I have dug a trench roughly 25 ft long and plan to install 2 drains into a single drain pipe. The drain pipe may need to be daylighted, however my preference would be to drain the garage into a 55 gallon drum filled with gravel. I have several questions and any help would be appreciated.

- The pipe will drop 24 inches over the 25 ft, is that enough slope in the pipe? To much?
- I do not plan to use a trap to prevent collecting water that would likely freeze. Is that an acceptable installation?
- I need to chop a hole through the cement block supporting the garage, will that harm the structural integrity of the garage in any way?

- The drains will be exaclty 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the drain pipe, however the drain pipe is sloping away to drain water. Does this mean that my floor drains will need to be slightly pitched to match the slope of the drain pipe?
- How far below the top of the cement slab should the drain be placed?
- Assuming the garage is heated, how close would the 55 gallon drum need to be placed to the exterior of the garage to prevent the pipe from freezing? Or will it freeze and be unusable in the winter?

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I think maybe you have gotten yourself confused and nervous with your garage drainage system. Let us just step back for a minute and look at the whole system. Your drain in your floor is just a drain. A hole. At the botton of your drain is a 90% elbow or a 45% elbow which ever you choose. Then you have your run off line or pipe. When nothing is in the pipe line it is hollow. cold will not affect it. At the end of your pipe you want to install a 50 gallon barrel or tank. Your barrel should be full of holes from the botton to near the top. It should be underground with a little stand pipe hooked to the lid, to let air escape. Water will drain out of the barrel into the ground. The bottom of the barrel should be at least 5 feet in the ground, six feet will be better. It does not freeze down there. Any water in your barrel that does not drain out should not freeze due to the heat from the ground.
You run elevation is fine. I would use at least a 3" pipe, that way your drain line is never full. You want to have flat floor drains, and the foundation hole will not hurt anything.

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