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Unhappy Garage door opener

I have a Sears garage door opener which suddenly stopped working. When I push the control button, the unit hums, but the door does not budge. I disassembled the opener, thinking the gears kit might be stripped. That was not the case. I thought it might be the motor and purchased a new unit (rather than order a new motor). I got the same results. The manual says that when this happens, it is probably the springs on the garage door. I was told to release the emergency door assembly, raise the door halfway up to see if it would stay in that position. It did just that. The springs and the side cables look OK also. Is there another way to determine if the garage door is defective? The garage door repair company wants to charge me $85 just to come out and check it out. Don't mind doing this, as a last resort. Appreciate any assistance, suggestions, or recommendations.
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Good Morning

First of all, is the opener a screw drive or a chain drive opener?

If it is a screw drive, it will have a "Clutch" built into it. It may only need adjustment. You will have to obtain a book from Sears to check this out. You should have gotten one with the opener.

When you release the emergency will the motor move the chain or drive? This will further narrow your search for the problem. It indeed the drives or chains move, then the "Clutch" or gears would appear to be working.

Good luck
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a comon problem with the sears chain/cable units is the limits "creep". which means they move on their own. if the door locked in the open possision look to see if the inner slide (the steel piece that the release locks into) is locked on the 5/16 stop bolt in the T-rail in front of the motor head. if this is the case, you can loosen the chain and operate the unit off the stop.
on the new unit, make sure the limits are in order with the carriage. in other words, if the limits think the door is open, make sure the door is open.

good luck

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