Starting a small farm business


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Starting a small farm business

I just wanted to ask, if someone were familiar with starting a small farm or business, just what is the legalities of selling produce from your home or in the community markets of co-ops, farmer's markets, and resturants. I often see produce signs for strawberries or corn on the side of the road, but is it like garage sells in selling small amounts? Do you have to live in a farm zoned area? If you don't come out in the black; is it considered a business or can you just make a little "egg" money in a small fashion? I admire all the farmers and hope they can make a good profit on their produce and livelihood..., but I was just curious how it worked for someone who doesn't have the tractor to really compete with the large acreage farms.

Thanks for your concern and information for this cureous lady who may need a little extra income in this inflationary world and doesn't want to do anything illegal. It seems with this 5 vegetables and fruits a day world that there are a lot more people out there who need to fill a demand for healthy produce and those caring about their health for today and tomorrow.

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Smile Starting a small farm.

Hi Marebear, Welcome to the DIY garden forum

Marebear Said:
I was just curious how it worked for someone who doesn't have the tractor to really compete with the large acreage farms.

You have some very good questions. As I understand the food industery today, small local speciality farms are poping up all over. Most are doing quite well on the local market sales.

As any gardener knows, the bigger the garden the more you can grow. So if Big farms are growing a new tasteless ships well tomato. Then you grow vine ripe Heirloom tomatos etc.

It's the diversity of Fruit & Vegetables that the local shopper is looking for. Organic produce used to be one of the niches that a small Farmer used to have. However with the USDA controlling the word Organic in favor of the Agribiz bigshots, that word no longer is valid. We have started using Earth Friendly Produce instead.

Antique Fruit & Heirloom Vegetables will never lose favor with a growing segment of the public. I have even met farmers who raise White tail deer for market, as well as many different game birds.

All the Tax laws can be found with a little searching of your State & local tax laws. More help can be found from your County Agent, who is trained to help establish new Farmers.

I will tell you right off that the work is never done & the pay is low. Food is supposed to be cheap I heard this lady say when she saw the price of vegetables in a health food store. Grown & shipped from CA to the East coast, I wonder if she thinks Farmers get a break on fuel to ship their produce.

I wonder if she knows that Farmers have to pay the same for what they buy at the store, just as she does. I really don't think so, she just knows food is supposed to be cheap.

I think it's a left over from when Auto Mechanics all were thought of like OL Goober & paid at minimum wage. Have you looked under your hood lately? It takes a Computer Pro to work on all this new Computerized stuff.

With the fruit & vegetables getting higher every year, it won't be long before the local small farmer will be like the are Drs today, sorry we are not taking any more customers at this time.

So I hope I have been of some help to you. I do see a day when farming will pay much better than it has in the past. Of course the best part is you always have good fresh food year round for you and your Family.


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