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When I bought my house it had quite a few hostas which works for me because they're in areas where low maintenance plants are nice. My question is that some of the plants are growing way to large for their space. So would digging up the roots and dividing it in half cut down on the size of the plant? Also, what time of year should this be done?
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Hi Michael,

This site has directions and pictures. It's a good one.

Most of us recommend dividing hostas in early spring, as soon as they pop up from the ground. This site says a hosta guru recommends during the summer. So, you could do it now, but depending on your weather, you'd have to water every day.

Large hostas are hard to divide by hand. You generally break the leaves off. You can take a shovel and jab it down in the center of the plant...or as many times as you need to for the size required.


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