tomatoe plants/worms?


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tomatoe plants/worms?

I have 6 tomatoe plants in my yard...i noticed the some of the leaves were getting brown, shriveling up and dying...i found on the underside a thin, tiny black worm...the leaf edge is curled around it....does anyone know what will get rid of these pests?? thanks!!!:::
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A tomato hornworm is a big problem!. They'll devour half a plant and it's tomatos in days.

Your tiny worms, even though damaging a few leaves is not a serious problem. The plant is growing too fast to be bothered by a small 'pillar'. If there aren't too many, you can simply snip off the affected leaf. Or if you like, you can spray with Bt or Dipel, both organic 'pillar' killlers.


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