New to plants!! Please help LOL


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Smile New to plants!! Please help LOL


Ok im moving into my first flat and would like some leafy green plants that can go in or outdoors (doesent really matter) that are relitavly easy to keep

Any ideas would be appreciated Many thanks!
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First time gardener

A good place to start is at the library. Pick up some books on house plants and flower gardening (annuals and perennials). For outdoor gardening, the local Dept. of Agriculture Extension Agent is a wealth of information regarding soil testing, growing conditions and recommended plants for your area. There is a lot of info online. I started out with the Ortho books and still refer to them after about 30 years. My gardening book collection has grown over the years.

The local garden center is a wonderful place to visit. I always have to restrain myself. It is important to have an understanding of the light and soil conditions of your yard before making purchases, as these tend to dictate what will survive. Indoor plants also tend to be particular as to light conditions. Some plants prefer a sunny location and others can survive in less light.
It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with plant diseases and what to do about them.

And, this forum is an excellent source of info and advice. There are some great green thumbs here. Keep us posted.
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Thank you very much for your help

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