Variegated Pittosporum


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Variegated Pittosporum

i'm in northeast florida and see this plant growing well all over the place. so i decided to use it, along with indian hawthorne, as hedges against the house. i have them planted on the east and north side of the house. the east side gets full sun all day long until about 6pm. the north side is partly shaded by an oak tree. now, the east side hawthornes are thriving but the pitts somewhat lacking. a few are downright sad, a few are ok, but certainly not thriving. on the north side, it's opposite. the hawthorns are questionable, and the pitts are thriving. i've seen both doing very well in full sun and shade in other yards. why am i haveing so uch trouble? i've tested ph levels, they are ok. i've varied water, not much of a difference.... i've looked for mold/fungus/insect, haven't seen any. why is it these things grow wild on the side of the road, and i'm having so much trouble?
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Hi Mitcheal,

Your variegated pittosporum likes sun for only half a day, so I would say that they are getting too much sun if it's until 6pm. They like an eastern exposure, but that usually means that the sun is gone by noon.

Your indian hawthorne wants full sun to part shade and having them on the north side probably means that they are getting too much shade. It sounds to me that you will have to do some rearranging.

Often when plants self seed in the wild, they become well adapted to the conditions in which they sprout and usually only sprout where they will be happy. When we put them where we want them, they sometimes tell us that they aren't happy there because the conditions in which they originally grew were different.

Hope this helped,
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Wild things

mitcheal: Said
i've seen both doing very well in full sun and shade in other yards. why am i haveing so uch trouble?

There are some other considerations you have to look into if you believe sun is not a factor.

Let's take the case of the yellow Lady Slipper. Many people dig the Pink & endangered Yellow Lady Slippers up & plant them at home. Only to have the plant wither and finely die, from the lack of a simple mushroom. Only this mushroom is a must in the soil with the plant (a symbiotic relationship).

There are many examples of wild plants reacting badly to synthetic fertilizer. Most often it is some other micro organism that the plant needs not being where it is planted.

If you add this to Newts findings, about the plants sun needs all together with the other plant basics. You may find that a good amount of the soil collected around some wild plants, placed under and about your plants may make the difference.

At this point leave nothing untried, it may be just as simple as, bringing in some wild dirt. Or a transplant to a better location. You have watched the decline of your plants, let them tell you what's wrong, by what has helped & what has not.

Good luck, I hope we have given you some help that you needed.


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