Elfredo Cranberry bush Yellowing leaves


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Question Elfredo Cranberry bush Yellowing leaves

Hi there I just bought 4 Elfredo Cranberry Bushes 4 weeks ago planted them in rich black dirt(same as my spireas and dwarf lilacs at the same time) and the leaves are turning yellow with brown edges.

Are these plants dying?

This was an entire front lawn landscaping job and they get watered daily along with the sod unless it rains.

No chemicals have been used at all.

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Elfredo Cranberry Bushes

Hi mnsweetnsassy2, Welcome to the DIY garden forum.

Don't give up on them yet, it's not unusual for a plant to lose color or even some leaves due to stress.

Any plant that goes through stress will abort fruit, leaves & branch tips. All to save it's root system. The plant unlike mobile living things, must protect it's root system a all costs.

You are doing all the right things, so relax & let nature take her course. Your lawn & plants will start to establish themselves & do just fine.

Sometimes a plant will not make it, so this is why the people you buy your plants from, will most likely have a warranty. Most will say that they will replace the plant if it does not make it to the next spring.

So even if your plants lose all their leaves, they will more than likely come back in the Spring. If not contact the reseller for a replacement, plant people are very easy to work with.


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