Morning Glory Issue...


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Morning Glory Issue...

My mother has a gardening dilemna but she is pretty computer challenged so I told her I would ask for her...

Here Goes...

Does anyone know how to get rid of morning glory with out effecting the plants that it's growing near or in? My mom is having a hard time trying to keep this weed(?) under control. It's has choked the life out of a lot of her plants. She deals with this every year and cannot seem to get a handle on it. Any suggestions??

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Hi ssuthers and Mom,

The following info came from the site below -

Morning glories are glorious but invasive. One round of pulling them up won't do the trick. However, the good news is that you can pull faster than they can grow. Keeping at them will eventually get rid of them. You can also buy an organic herbicide called Weed-Aside weed killer. For fastest elimination try a three pronged attack: weed killer, smothering (burying the plant alive with 6 inches of mulch), and vigilant pulling. Oh, the joys of gardening...

Good luck. My sister has also been battling them for years.

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Gami gave you great information. One thing I've found helpful is vigilence. Make sure that they are getting pulled up before they bloom and set seed.

Good luck,
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they reseed every year..

Morning Glories are an annual the reseeds themselves every year. Next spring, apply Preen to prevent germination. Follow directions on the label.
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Thank you I will let her know!

Take Care!

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