money trees


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money trees

have recently received seeds for growing "money tree"...can't find any planting or nurturing should seed be started and how long b4 able to plant in its permenant home..what time of year is best, etc.?
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Smile Pennies from Heaven, We wish.

Hi beavers_bottom Welcome to DIYs Garden forum

You know, I am aware of the Money plant, However I am not sure what a money Tree is.

Could you give another common name? Tropical or temprate? What Zone are you in?

You see a very good example of why most Gardeners find the Latin name a must, while describing plants. If we can find it that is

In any case I'm sure we can find the answers you need once we find out what plant we are talking about.

Please see if you can get me closer to the name of this plant, by describing the seeds. Did you get seeds from a friend? they may give more info if asked. Perhaps a discription of the tree etc.

After that come back to this post & let me know, so we can get your information for you

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seed description


thank you for your response.

the seeds that i received are flat, kidney shaped brown seeds, viened on sides with a paper thin perimeter. they are approximately 1/4" in diameter.

my wife describes the plant as being about 18"-24" tall, with 4-6 separate chutes projecting from the soil.

the plant blooms with "quarter" size white flowers that are somewhat translucient. she believes the blooms were in july or august.

i know this is not latin terminology, but...i hope it will give you the info needed to help. i'm just a rookie!

thanks again,

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Lunaria, Money plant, Silver dollar plant

Hi Jeff,

I found a good link for your Lunaria, nice langauge Latin. Well my Wife is our Flower expert, so she is the one who gave me the name.

As you will read Lunaria is a Biannual meaning that it will sometimes take two years for the blooms & seeds. They come in purple or white flowers & if you will just let the seed pods hang in a warm dark place. You will be able to enjoy those shiney Silver dollars all winter in a vase.

I don't know your Zone, so you will have to do a little research into where you can fall plant in order to get blooms next year.

Good luck with your Money plants, they are a very nice flower to grow

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Lunaria huh?

Well Marturo,

I think you've solved the puzzle. The name almost sounds like a disease.

I hope my wife will be able to enjoy them...she normally doesn't have much luck with plants. Her idea of caring for plants is: put 'em in dirt, water 'em and let "Mother Nature" do her part. I guess I'll never get rich that way!

I wish they would really yield silver dollars.

Thanks for your assistance
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nice people!!

It is my first day in this site. I can forsee it will be my favorite. Both of your letter were wonderful. Good luck with the lunaria and Mauro thanks EMPOLI
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Smile Welcome Aboard

Hi empoli, Welcome to the DIY Garden Forum

Yes I think you will like it here, the fine people here at DIY on all forums, are one of a kind. We like to do it ourselves & help others to enjoy the same feelings of self reliance.

I for one know of no other place like DIY, where you can ask a question about your Computer & find out what's eating your Tomatoes.

As I am sure you know, no one can know it all, but everyone has something they know, that can help others.

Enjoy yourself, Marturo
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I am fairly new myself, Empoli! far...I think this has to be one of the best, most informative forums I've seen.

Thank you again Marturo...your help has been MUCH appreciated!

All of the questions that I have posed to the forum have been replied to in an expedient and educated manner.

Have a wonderful day

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