Tree Stump Removal


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Tree Stump Removal

Is there an alternative way for stump removal besides grinding.

I have heard of some products on the market, but, are they really effective?

Thank You!
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Hello Bill

I guess you mean chemical rather than physically pulling the stump out with a tractor or winch...

There are chemical products available (they vary regionally) that claim to speed the decomposition process - most require you to drill deep holes into the stump and pour the liquid in to them to be translocated further into the roots. Some recommend pouring kerosene in after a soak/wait period, but unless you are SURE that an underground smouldering fire won't affect anything surrounding the stump, I wouldn't recommend the burn.

Going to move your post over to the Garden forum - there have been similar posts over there and I'm pretty sure someone else will be able to share their experience...

Good Luck

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How big is your stump??

Here's my answer to that same question a while back:

Depends on your budget
You have 3 choices:

1. Hire a contractor
2. Rent a stump remover(heavy & high-powered machine) and
remove it yourself.
3. Plant stump rot, wait a couple of month and dig it out

As far as $$$ is concerned, 1-most expensive 2-middle 3-cheapest
As far as time is concerned, 1 & 2 fastest 3-slowest.

In my case, I wasn't in the mood to spend hundreds on contractors to remove a couple of stumps. And I wasn't in a big hurry either so I drilled several deep holes, plant stump rot, let them rot for a couple of months and dug'em out.

Option 2, depending on area & rates, will cost you about $150. It's fast and easy but you'll need to haul a machine in a trailor and you definitely have to know what you're doing because it's powerful and dangerous.

How big is your tree stump?? If it's relatively large(say, over 2' in diameter), it'll be painstakingly difficult to remove it yourself without using a stump grinder.
Using a stump rot takes time but works if you can wait that long.

It's your judgement call.

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