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Question Weeding

I am trying to keep the weeds and morning glories from coming over through my fence. The neigbors do not weed or keep the weeds, berry vines nor morning glories in check. Is this a problem I just have to live with, keep up with, or is there any solution? I'm getting very frustrated! Sincerely, Lisa
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I have found ROund UP brush killer to be amazing. Ive used it to kill those thorn bushes . Huge ones 20 feet high I kid you not. Im sure a little accidental overspray to their side of the fence would take care of it.

hope this helps-josh
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Thanks, I will give this a try!
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One quick caution (if it's not already too late...)

For the sake of good neighbour relations, you might want to check with them (assuming you are on talking terms) before you start killing their plants off. Under local laws, you are probably entitled to cut off anything that is growing onto or over your property at the property line, but if for whatever reason they decided to have you charged for spraying their property without their permission, you'd probably lose any judgement.

Also if you do spray, be careful of any drift or overspray - Roundup will harm or kill practically anything green that it comes in contact with. It acts by being translocated from the leaves back into the roots, so you also run the risk of killing the berry plants you write of. You never know what a persons' take on pesticide use is unless you ask and if they are against it, you'll have some very unhappy neighbours

Today's environmentally conscious and politically correct society is becoming hypersensitive (both figuratively and physically) to anything that affects the rights of someone else. Unfortunately, it's acts like those 'accidental oversprays' that Josh eludes to that have fueled the lobby groups against pesticides and made the responsible use of them harder to justify.

Better safe than sorry...


...btw, I am a firm believer that pesticides are a useful tool, but MUST be used responsibly and at the lowest effective rate to do the job at hand... just more concerned about your legal well-being here than your weed problems in this case, Lisa

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Be very careful when you get advice.

I urge you to heed Howiek in this matter. Today we as growers are responsible to tell our neighbors when and what we are going to spray.

Growers & Gardeners are responsible for what harm or damage our sprays do to others & their property. Lawsuits for overspray are on the rise.

Lisa I have a neighbor, who I wish would be taken up by aliens. It's a whole story of this problem of trash plant encrochment.

I have tried to offer to take care of a 30 foot strip that borders a very expensieve Raspberry growing area. It's no fun riping walnut treelings out of your raspberries tearing up plant roots & killing producing plants.

A dozen scrub black walnut trees scragly and crowded drop the nuts in the Fall. Then in Summer by the time we are starting to pick, these very large deep rooted tree seedlings pop up all over our rows. The tap roots are 2 feet long & hard to remove.

She is an old (sorry) Crazy lady who spits curses at us just for asking to talk with her. I could only imagine what she would do if she saw or found out I use an herbacide on her property. She would own our farm no doubt.

Please try other means at least, who knows you may have a case against the other party for not taking care of their yard. I know here in NC you can't just let your yard go without at least trying to keep it mowed, it's considered a fire hazard to the dwelling.

Do a little research about homeowners responsibilitys in your State.

Josh said:
Im sure a little accidental overspray to their side of the fence would take care of it.

Josh how would you feel if Lisa were to be Sued, for this accidental overspray & lost her home. The court may not see it as an accident.

Before we advise others to possably break the law in there state, perhaps we should put ourselfs in her shoes. Are weeds worth going through a lawsuit in this sue happy nation, in which we live?

Lisa DIY does not condone any action that may break the law. Please rethink any and all advice you have been given here, sometimes lifes a beach, but that is no reason to damage someone elses property & risk all you've worked for.

Check your local laws & see if you have a legal complaint & persue it.
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I haven't tried spraying yet, but thanks for the good info. I guess you can never be too careful in this sue happy day and age! I will do some research. Sincerely, Lisa
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Perhaps I should make some pointers

A Im rather insane and semi psychotic on most days that end with Y.

2 I have no "neighbors" within any distance close enough to annoy me

C If your neighbors not controlling her/ his weeds litigation isnt going to get him/her moving.

I stand by my suggestion. Even in the highly unlikely event that your neighbor would file a claim against you for the destruction of their precious weeds A its going to take 2 years to settle and B even if they would win no judge is going to award much for weeds. Also I did say "accidental" overspray. Obviously its not what you do its how you do it. Some people drive 65 down the highway... If thats your beat then my advice isnt for you. I am results oriented. The only way to really stop me from doing something I want to do would be to kill me. Everyone is afraid of something. Im just afraid of very few somethings.

PS .. PENNDOT cut down a slew of display gardens on the corner of my retail store... compensation to me for lost /destroyed plants from litigation. -600 dollars from attorneys fees. Maybe if they owned an orchard. Lets not lose our heads folks. Alot would depend on who owned the fence. Alot of sway can be had by saying you were spraying not herbicide but Fence stain that inadvertently killed the plants. Honesty, ethics, these are all different to all people. I merely offered something that would work, no implications to use it. That's free will my friend -Josh
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I totally agree with Howiek and Marturo. Do be careful.

Is it possible to talk with your neighbors? Sometimes people are overwhelmed by the plants in their garden and it may just be that they don't know how to care for their yard. Maybe you could find a diplomatic way of finding out if they need some help with it.

As for anything that hangs over or grows into your yard, you can prune that. For the morning glories, the trick is to cut or pull the vines before they drop their seeds. The seeds have a hard coat and can live for a long time before germinating. I'm still finding seeds sprouting after 2 years of pulling as soon as I see a vine.


I once told a judge that "I didn't know" (and I didn't!) and his answer was "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". After that, I heard the gavel and "Guilty". It cost me over $500!!!!!!

Good luck with your problem. Please let us know what the end result is.


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