Japanese Beetles


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Japanese Beetles

My rose bushes are being eaten alive by Japanese Beetles. I tried one of those beetle traps, helps a little but not enough. What is the best insecticide to use to kill these buggers?
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Smile Japanese Beetles

Hi xiii13

Are they as bad as last year or what? A tough bug to kill so I quit trying.

After I read repeated reports of pesticide resistance by this beetle, I thought about a treatement that worked for white flies & aphids in the green houses.

The name brand that works great is (Hot Pepper Wax) Many Garden centers carry it. It repels them quickly they dont like it on themselves or to walk on.

It seems to work by repeling them not killing them. It does however kill the Aphids & white flies.

I got a gallon for about the price of a retail Qt, at the co site. I don't remember the site URL but a search of Google on Hot Pepper Wax, will give you the site. At 4 tbs per gallon a gallon is not too much if you have 8 or more plants.

Good Luck.
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Sevin does an excellent job of killing and repelling Japanese beetles. The best form to use is as the liquid concentrate, mixed and put in one of those one-gallon garden sprayers. Spray the entire plant, blooms and all. The only problem is that I believe you would have to reapply it after it rains.

Take down the Japanese beetle traps once you spray, otherwise more beetles will just keep coming to your yard.

Sevin won't harm the roses, either.

Hope this proves useful!
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I agree with jtdead. I have treid seven and it really works. Although I used the powder form and just sprinkled it on there. It's better to put it on in the morning with the "dew" so the powder will stick better.
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Smile Another option?

Hi xiii13, How do your Roses grow?

I like the saying, it says a lot about being a DIYer
Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot

I asked if you wanted another option. It's very important to fully understand the effects we unleash when using Chemicals.

Gardeners are the front line of proper safe use of pesticides & other chemicals.

If the Hot Pepper Wax does not do the job then I have another pesticide that is very much safer to use & any unwanted after effects.

Let's say we want to kill by mouth a beetle that is eating foilage or flowers. Also remember Sevin is not a repellant it must be eaten.

Or say we want to kill by contact or mouth. There is a pesticide that will kill pests just as dead. Won't contamanate drinking for up to 50 years. Will within 48 hours be on it's way to a nontoxic chemical.

The Pesticide is named Rotenone & Pyrethem both kill very quickly & become inert long before they can kill of contamanate any other living thing including us.

Seven is an effective pest control with a few problems. 1. Pests can develop an imuenity to it. 2. It has a half life of 50 years then will remain toxic for many more years after that.

3. This is the good part, Both work as well as the other. Based on a given area of crop sprayed, both Seven & R & P kill about the same amount of bugs. Also the Pyrethem can kill on contact.

So in the end I know you care enough for your plants & your living area to do a search of both. Sevin & Rotenone/ Pyrethem & make an educated choice between the 2.

Aren't choices nice? Many people today are making the hard choices to try something new. Take the case of Sluggo the new Slug bait. As an Earth friendly Farmer I now have a safe choice of a spreadable slug killer. Yes you read that right, for the first time I have been growing for Market, I have a real Slug killer that won't kill children & pets!

Yes if your child ate a hand full of Sluggo they would only get an upset stomach. Kill ratio after eaten 100 percent slugs only. Allways remember to use whatever your choice is late in the evening, when the honey bees have gone to hive. Sevin is 50 times more deadly to honey bees than DDT. I don't think any Gardener want's to add to the problems our honey bees are facing today.

The gardener & Farmer are better equiped today in 2002 to grow food with products that work as well on the same pests as the highly toxic petrochemicals.

Thank go out to every person who demanded Organic food, Organic Pesticides, Organic Goverenment involvement in certifacation.

You see many of the products like Sluggo have been here for much longer than the last 5 years. It is only the law of supply & Demand that will move a company to produce a product.

Due to the overwelming demand by the consumer all this is possible. To many studies have been done on the long term toxic effects of petroChemicals

So the next time you are faced with a pest problems don't forget the modern gardener today, has just as many safe solutions to the problems. The great thing is the days of trying to find a safe effective pesticide are over, new Organic pest control products are coming on the market allmost everyday.

"Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot"

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Hi xiii13,

I've been reading Eliot Coleman's book, "The New Organic Grower's Four-Season Harvest". Very interesting, by the way.

Eliot states that Japanese beetles (and a few other insects) can be controlled by vacuuming them up. If your vacuum has a setting for controlling the suction, you might give it a try. Just make sure you don't suck in the leaves too.


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