maples in zone7b?


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maples in zone7b?

hello, i have removed a shed from the top of my driveway and would like to plant small trees for fall color with the evergreens i'll plant for privacy. they only need to be about 20-25 ft tall, otherwise they'll look totally out of place and likely shade a nearby rose bed. i have been looking into maples , and the ones i see that seem to meet my requirements are-hedge, paperbark, vine, tatarian, amur, and flame. when i typed 'maple' into the search engine, one post talked about having to constantly pull up seedlings to the point of hassle. so , i am wondering about that . also, what i have been reading suggests that maples will not perform well in my warm climate. ( maybe there's a reason all the good fall color is in new england if all else fails , i can always plant a burning bush. i saw a maple at the 'monrovia' site called "red rhapsody amur maple". this tree is beautiful and has the habit, size, color and shape i want for the area i will be planting in , which does have full sun.(now that the shed is gone go look at this tree, i'd love to have one of those! i have been on this thing for 3 hrs trying to research maples, and i do plan to go to my local nursery and ask for help also. i have also about decided that i will get a large red maple for my back yard where i will have the room. there were so many spring things here when i moved in ,and i will be adding evergreens, but what im really tyring to do now is get some some bright, rich new england or at least smoky mtn. style fall color. is this possible in my climate? should i be looking at something other than maples? i also read in my search here about leaf borers. are they going to be such a problem as to make me chuck the whole the maple idea? if i cant have maples, what should i be looking for that will look like the maple i mentioned at the site? im sorry to write a novel, but like i said i have been looking this up on my own for nearly three hours and do not want to waste time or money. thank you for any help, advice , sites , any responses you give. i am serious about this fall color thing and im driving myself crazy. i have been on this computer too long. i am getting off now.-pine
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can't speak for zone 7....

I don't know how maples would do in your area. But I would ask you this - do you see mature maples trees in the area? Not just someone's yard but in a nearby park?

Asking at a local nursery is good. A good reputable nursery will have stock that does well in your area. Don't expect good advice from a clerk at a big box or a discount house.
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yes, that makes sense because the city wouldnt want to spend the time or labor on alot of spraying or maintenence. i went yesterday to the nursery and talked to her about it, and i plan to go ahead and order that red rhapsody maple. i have months to plant this fall in this climate and im just going to keep looking into it and order the best i can. there doesnt seem to be alot of info availible for my coop-ext., but i did find alot of info for the ga. that the shed is down, im cutting down a few old trees to make way for the new stuff. then , i have to prepare the ground, etc. im going to have to rent a woodchipper, logsplitter,etc. its going to be alot of work, but im looking forward to the end results. thank you for your response, wish me luck!
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Hi Pineshade,

From what I know of maples, they have a lot of surface roots that begin to develop after about 20 years and could interfere with your driveway. One of the best trees I can think of for fall color in your zone is the Oxydendrum arboreum - sourwood. It's a native and a real beauty. Here's a link about trees that should be very helpful. It gives great info about the litter one can make and if roots can be a problem over time.

By the way, the paperbark maple is a really beautiful tree, but very slow growing.

Hope this helped,

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