Zone 7 - Herbs that will winter over


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Zone 7 - Herbs that will winter over

There's a lot of conflicting information as to which herbs will return in the Spring here in Zone 7 if left in the ground. I realize this is a loaded question, because so much depends on what kind of Winter we have from one year to the next. However, if there is anyone here in Zone 7 can offer some experience on the subject, I will be eternally grateful.

The ones in question are:
1. Sage
2. Rosemary
3. English Thyme
4. Garlic Chives
5. Flat Leafed Parsley
6. Lemon Verbena

I am getting ready to pot up whatever of the above will NOT Winter over. I am assuming that my Sweet Marjoram will have to potted, and, even though I included it the above list, am pretty sure the same will be true for both the Lemon Verbena and the Flat Leafed Parsley.

And, what is recommended by you guys in the mulching and other "Winter" considerations for those that remain in the herb bed (Chinese Chives, Oregano and Lemon Balm and whatever else from the list).

Well, I am sure I will have more questions on indoor care, but this should get me started in the right direction. My hope is to get "everybody" situated by the first part of next week.

Thanks (as always) for your help and fellowship in gardening!

Liz aka North Garden Gal
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Hey cowgirl!

First of all, you know I am in zone 6, so everything I am going to tell you should apply to you also My sage overwinters every year. I can't really say for sure about flat leaf parsley and lemon balm even though I have both. The are both biennial, and reaching the end of their second year of existence. Lemon verbena is perrenial and will overwinter if you treat it nicely. Although it is deciduous, I would imagine you would be able to pot it up and keep it all winter

Thyme never overwinters for me. In fact, the lemon thyme in the greenhouse has already begun to shrivel up and go into hiding for the winter months. It is perennial, and I get it back every year, but I never have fresh thyme in the winter

Chives wont be a problem. They are members of the onion family as you know, and as you may NOT know kuz you are still learning, the onion family is a very hardy bunch. No problem. I've snipped chives in late January with 3" of snow on them

Good luck! Come keep me company online tomorrow

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Better take in the rosemary too! The lemon balm will need to come in and the lemon verbena can stay outside. Sometimes the parsley will overwinter for another (it's a biennial) and sometimes it doesn't. It's a good larval food for butterflies. Bomber has you covered on the rest.

Good luck,
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More help wanted

Hi and thanks Eric and Newt!

Darn, I was really hoping that my Rosemary and Thyme (at least) could stay outdoors! I am surprised about the parsley - I would not have guessed that it would likely return in the Spring!

Yes, Eric, I sort of suspected all my chives (Chinese and Garlic) could stay outside, and as for the Lemon Balm, well, it was here when I moved in, so I will take my chances that it will survive out there, although I guess it may be in its last season.

I forgot to add to the list French Tarragon - what do you all think? If you have a minute, let me know.

Now, a couple more questions:

How much may I pinch back the ones that will remain outside?

What type of mulch is BEST for the herb bed?

Will an eastern exposure be sufficient for the ones potted up and brought indoors?

Hey, Eric, sorry I didn't get online yesterday. Some friends of mine and I decided we should spend Sept. 11 together, so that's what we did. What a comfort is was!

I appreciate the help with my questions - I look forward to more help

Liz aka North Garden Gal aka Cowgirl

P.S. Where is Byron these days?
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Hi Liz,

I was going over this again and realized that you spoke of lemon balm and lemon verbena. The lemon balm is the one that will winter over. The lemon verbena is a tender plant and will sometimes winter over in zones 7 and 8. Here's some helpful links.

Lemon balm

Lemon verbena

French tarragon is hardy in zones 5 to 8.

Here's an interesting site on herbs with all kinds of info.,1964,...rbMain,FF.html

Hope this helped.
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Yes, Newt, that helped a lot!!! Thanks for the links

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You're so very welcome.
Have fun!!

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