flower seeds


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flower seeds

I was given marigold,zinnia,sunflower and some unidentified seeds. Do I plant these now or wait till spring?? I want to create a natural looking garden area with these as starters. Any ideas? Can I just mix the seeds and scatter them for a mixed effect or should I plant each seed type in clusters then see what they all look like and maybe divide later? Never have had a flower garden!!
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Smile Flower seeds

Hi glennia, Welcome to the Garden forum

Unless you are in Fla, I think you may want to wait untill Spring.

Also if you do some research this Winter on how tall they grow, you can setup a nice garden. Plant tall to short for a nice look. Or plant a mass here and there.

It would be good if they all flowered at different times for continious color.

Do you live in Fla? If so this will be your growing season.

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flower seeds

I live in Texas, don't know what "zone" this is considered.

Only thing I was thinking is if they were already planted like they would do naturally then they might come up better.

I was also given some cannas and dahlia bulbs/tubers and thought Id put them at back,then the zinnias, then marigolds. I can see how they look and respace them after I get some idea of how they will look.

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Smile Seeds and starting them the right way.

Hi glennia

On preseason seeding, I can only give you an example of what we have learned.

At least 50 to60 percent more live plants survive that are started in sterile potting soil over heating cables. Than most, not all seeds started in the wild garden soil.

You see some plants that we call volunteers come up from seeds that fall with the fruit. A tomato is a good example. Out of perhaps 600 seeds you could get a bunch of tomato plants or 1 or 2.

The wild garden soil contains both good & bad bactiera & some bactiera will attack the seeds & kill them. So while I see where you are coming from, I still think you would be better able to design your garden with small healthy plants, than to take a chance that your seeds won't be consumed with the millions of seeds that never sprout. It's Natures way of controling overpopulation.

When we grow plants for food or flowers we cheat a lot by protecting our seeds in a sterial growing medium. Also by providing bottom heat to prevent damp cool soil from fungus attacks on seed or sprouts.

Then everything we can do all the season long to spray, powder, & feed these tame seeds & protect them from Bugs, fungus, blights.

Allways remember we are not growing plants near as hardy as the plants we call weeds. If we were to let our cows try to live in the wild without protection the predators would kill them out right away. However a heard of wild Buffalos would fight the predators off, because they are not tame cows like what we have evolved our tame man made seeds into for food and flowers.

Many ways to get good advice for your area is to contact your County Agent by phone & ask if they have a Master Gardeners program. This program was started to take some of the work load off the County Agent whos job it is to advise Farmers first. This program allows Master Gardeners, to help other Gardeners with their years of experience in your local area.

Gardening brings a great deal of pleasure to new as well as seasoned gardeners. It is a way for us to connect to nature first hand, & gives us great peace of mind. Study, ask questions & don't be afraid to try different things in your garden.

Good luck with your gardening

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Hi Glennia,

Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening! I have found that the most important thing a new gardener can do to have a successful garden is to pay attention to the soil. I would suggest that you add compost to the planting bed before you plant your new plants. You should add about 3" and dig it in. You can purchase bags of compost at places like Home Depot and Lowes or a garden center. After you plant, you should cover the bare soil with a mulch to retain moisture and keep down on the weeds. The soil is the foundation to grow healthy plants.

For your zone, here's a zip code zone finder.


There are ways to sow seeds in the fall or late winter and have them come up in the spring. This works best with plants that are perennial or hardy annuals that can stand a light frost. Perennial plants produce green growth the first year and establish a good root system. They usually bloom their second year and the third year they put on a nice show. They keep coming back year after year. The seeds that you have named that were given to you are all annuals and the plants will be killed by winter frost. Sometimes the seeds will survive the winter, but that could be chancy. I would suggest that you sow the seeds in the spring in flats or directly in the garden after adding compost and turning the soil. The cannas and dahlias also can't take a lot of cold.

There is a wonderful search engine at www.google.com. You could get information on different plants by putting the names of the plants in quotes if there is more than one name. For example, if your zinnias are "zinnia elegans", put the name in quotes to get more information. You can also click on 'Images' and often get pictures.

I would suggest you use the winter to go to the library and browse the gardening section for books. Start reading and trying to learn about what it's all about. Browsing a good book store will be helpful as well. By all means, don't hesitate to ask questions. You might want to look at a book on growing dahlias. They usually don't bloom until late summer, so don't be disappointed if you don't see flowers right away.

Please get back with us if you have more questions.

Good luck,

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