black splotches on magnolia leaves?


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black splotches on magnolia leaves?

Earlier this season I planted a Betty Magnolia. When the tree was delievered, the tips of the branches were black and dried - the plant looked stressed and the yard hand at the nursery said this was due to the late frost that we had received in the area.

I put the tree in the ground in May and since then have noticed that the leaves are coming in with black splotches (sort of marble patern or cloudy). Some leaves aslo have a white haze to them. It seems that the leaves die and drop off, new ones come in and the same pattern continues.

I brought a leave to a local garden store and was told that the tree has "scale" and I have been treating it with Isotox from Ortho. I began treatment about 5 weeks ago, there is hardly any noticeble improvement.

New shoots sprout, then brown out. I am concerned that the tree many not survive.

Does this sound like scale? If so, how should I treat it? If not what might it be?

Thanks for any assistance that help me save this plant.

RD Harris
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Hi rdharris, Welcome to the DIY Garden Forum

From the way you describe it, that could be a Fungus or Bacterial infection. (Sort of marble patern or cloudy) this does not sound like scab. The blackened tips sounds more serious than a little frost damage.

Do you have a garentee with this plant? Many times they will replace it when it does not come back the next season. I would not wait for then. It's time to have a talk with the owner, about how you were sold a plant that is sick. And is not likely to get any better, from what little I could find out about this tough tree.

See if they will replace it, late this Fall so you can get it in ground for winter rooting. A good time to transplant for this type of tree.

I can't put my finger or my mouse it seems I have looked in quite a few places. Your plant is very sick & needs to be replaced in a different spot.

You could take some leaves & tips into your County Agent who can send them off to the lab if the people you bought them from won't play nice. Most will just replace the tree, to try to keep you as a happy customer.

Good luck on your tree replacement.

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Marturo - thanks for your comments. I have looked at the branches more closely and have seen little bumps that look like what has been described as scale - but having never seen scale I am not sure that my diagnosis is correct.

I will follow your advice and take some leaves and small branches and maybe even a picture to the nursery for their opinion and a possible replacement plant. The nursery is reputable so I don't envision any difficulties if this is the prescribed course of action.

Thanks again.


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