Cats & Indoor plants


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Cats & Indoor plants

Anyone know of a way to keep cats from destroying indoor plants? They like to jump on plants and claw at the leaves. I was thinking maybe some reverse cap nip maybe( if there is such a thing)?
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I don't know the answer, but when you find it - let me know!!!! My son's kitten is about to find itself kicked out of the house if it doesn't stop climbing the plants! I am getting it declawed soon, but I doubt that will affect it's desire to keep attacking the plants. I am going to try putting some fabric around the pot, and spraying it with the repellant. We'll see.
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Well I declawed both my cats when they were kittens as they tore my leather chair up pretty fast Even though they dont have front claws they still get a kick out of fighting with the o so hostile house plants
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Best thing I've found: Squirt them with water. It may take a few times, since you have to catch them at it for this to work, but they will get the hint.

Other optins--cover the area around the plant with tinfoil--they don't like walking on it. There are some deterrent sprays that can be used inside--I think Granny's Green Apple is a sour spray that chases them off pretty quickly. Putting a little ammonia in there may help (won't hurt the plants, either).

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thx orion.

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