Ponds Vs. Water Fauntain

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Question Ponds Vs. Water Fauntain

I'm considering installing a water feature in my patio (either a pond or a water fauntain). I'm considering a pond kit manufactured by "Aquascape Designs, Inc.: I would like to get your feeback on the advantages and disadvantages with a having a pond or water fauntain in the long term, specially what you don't like and didn't anticipate. I'm not sure if it's a good idea yet. I don't have kids yet. but I'm planning soon. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks
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Hello frankfavela

I have an Aquascape Designs pond and LOVE it! Nothing nicer than coming home and spending a summers evening relaxing by the pond

Got the 11 x 16 kit, added a 12 ' stream - it was a DIY project. Everything I needed except the rock and peagravel was included. The how-to video and written instructions were excellent!

I did attend a 'Build a Pond Day' prior to building mine (the local Distributor held a day where potential builders and other contractors interested in finding out the ins and outs by practical experience paid him to build a pond them(our)selves). At first glance a weird concept, but it was well worth it! By building someone elses, yours goes in much easier. And our Distributor/Supplier did reduce the cost of the kit by the fee for the Build a Pond Day when we ordered from him.

Mine took a little over a week to build by myself (long days, mind you).

I have learned to keep an eye on the pH (can be a problem if you are using limestone rock - granite is okay if you can find it at a reasonable cost) - it seems to affect the aquatic plants and string algae seems to thrive when it gets too alkaline. Some suppliers recommend peat pellets or barley straw to help reduce algae bloom (it adjusts pH to help control it), I've found that regular garden peat moss stuffed into old socks works just as well (and is a LOT less ex$pen$ive )

The biological filter system that they use works very well - we don't feed the fish (goldfish) except for our own entertainment, had 6 tadpoles 'graduate' into frogs over the past two years and except for clearing the skimmer net of floating debris periodically (weekly to daily depending on the season) and adding make-up water (plant transpiration and surface evaporation), it pretty much takes care of itself. We do have to add bacteria to give the system a start and keep the algae in check as the water warms up and Aquascape recommends draining the pond and power washing the rocks in the spring to give the pond a fresh start (it's easier than you'd think)

We do pull the filters and move the tropical plants indoors for our (Toronto, Canada) winters, but keep the pump running year 'round - the surface freezes, but the water underneath supports the goldfish, snails and frogs as long as the water is getting oxygenated by the circulating water or with the addition of a small bubbler (indoor aquarium variety). We have also seen some fascinating ice formations on the stream course when the temps get cold enough... the surface freezes, but the water still runs and bubbles under the ice creating sparkling movement in the winter sunshine! Birds and squirrels just love coming by for a drink (or even a bath)

Hope others can share their experiences with fountains so you'll have a good comparison.


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