Italian Blue Cyprus


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Italian Blue Cyprus

I live in Las Vegas NV. We lost several of our Cyprus trees this summer. We have now cut them down and dug out stumps. Can we replant now or should we wait for spring?
Also we aren't sure what caused them to die. They are all together in a row along block wall. We have sprayed trees for insects and are hoping that caught the problem to save the trees left. Should we treet soil before replanting.
Your help would be appreciated and I hope I gave you enough information.
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Cyprus trees

Hi [email protected] Welcome to DIYs Garden Forum

This is a tough call. I would say you bet bet would be to get in touch with your County Agent. Bring some soil & any and all descriptions that would help the Hortuculturist determine what killed your trees. Also if it is still in the soil.

You are wise in not wanting to replant until finding the cause. Many times a change of trees, of a simple treatment will stave off any further problems down the road.

Good luck & please come back & repost your findings so we will have the answer on file for the next person with Cyprus problems.

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It's hard to even venture a guess as to what killed your cypress without knowing a little about soil, weather and shade conditions.

Cypress is pretty hardy when given favorable growing conditions, and (at least around here) don't have many problems.

What's the drainage and light exposure where they're planted?They prefer a dry sunny location. Also, they often don't do well in close competition with other plants or trees. How closely were they planted together?

If a soil sample doesn't help you isolate the problem, you may want to check with a good local garden center to learn what they require specifically in your area.

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