tiny indoor flies - help


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Lovely Lucy
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Thumbs down tiny indoor flies - help

Hi all,

I need some real help. Here in Calgary, Canada, it is winter, and my indoor plants have started to grow(???) little flies. They seem to grow in my soil. I have tried to spray down the soil with a soap and mixture solution, but it does not seem to help.

They have infiltrated my house and they are everywhere. How do I get rid of these pesky flies without getting rid of all the soil in the house and getting new soil for my indoor plants.

Please help - at my wit's end.
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You have fungal gnats

Hi Lucy,

What you have is fungal gnats. I had them once and allowed the plants to dry before watering. They love the moisture. Do be sure you don't leave water in the saucers of your plants as well. Here is a site that should be helpful.


Hope this is helpful,
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Hi Lucy,

It's me again. I just realized that there was a posting of this just a while back. Marturo has listed an organic source for dealing with them. Here's the post.


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Smile Fungus Gnats

Hi Newt & Lovely Lucy

Newt your first post was on the money. It is Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis (Bti) (Gnatrol) .

That is the best control for the Fungus Gnat. You can get small amounts of this BTi at http//:www.gardensalive.com

It's a fight, so don't let your guard down, follow the directions for heavy infestion & don't miss a treatment.

Next fall start treating your houseplants, a month before bringing them inside.

Fungus Gnats have 3 stages going at all times. So when you stop seeing Gnats on the sticky Fly strip traps, keep treatment up for one more month at least.


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