Seasonnal Trees


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Seasonnal Trees

If you brought a seasonnal tree up for the southern hemphere and planted it here in the northen hemphere.

Would it know what season it is? live? drop leaves in summer? grow the leaves in winter?

What it ever know what season is what season?
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Hi Plumber2000, Welcome to the DIY Garden Forum

First and most important, would be. Will this Tree live through the coldest weather, it will encounter, in it's new home.

If the answer is yes, then the Tree would within a few seasons, become aclimated to it's new home. The tree would then know the seasons like the native trees do. However if the fruiting process takes to long, it may not bear fruit in the North.

As a rule of thumb. If any plant will withstand the Winter, it will grow very well & fit right in. Plants do more of what they do by the length of sunlight, than any other factor.

Short days make fruit & seeds then drop leaves. Long days grow leaves & the tree grow bigger.

So you see the sun, has the same effect in south or north on plants. only tempature determines, what plants grow where. Mangos in Panama & Peaches in Georiga, Both are controled by the day length, only the Mangos can not take the cold of GA.

I hope that answered your question. If not let me know please


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