Tiger liilies


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Talking Tiger liilies

Here in Florida we had a freeze last week, got down to 28 degrees, many flowers have withered , but no sure if they are dead. Do we cut back now, or wait?
Also, Can you cut back tiger liilies? Will they grow back just as big and how long does it take?
I have read many web sites about tiget lilies, but none of them mention cutting them back. How about removing some of them as they have grown over each other.
somebody help!!

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Frozen plants

Hi stocks2

Yes you need to cut back the dead parts of the plants before it rots the good part also. They should come back unless the roots were killed & they were underground so may be ok.

Every so often you wait until your perenials like Tiger Lillys go dormant & then devide and respace your Bulbs, roots, rizomes, tubers.

You can see what happens when they don't get devided they grow on top of each other causing diesieses to get a start. You can buy special deviding tools but an old kitchen knife & your hands to break the roots & bulbs, tubers & replant them using the same spacing you used when you first put them in.

This is the nice part of perienials every year you get more free plants, to put in your yard or trade with people for something you don't have.

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Talking Tiber Lillies

Thanks so much!!!

Everytime I access this web site I receive Excellent results, thanks again!!!
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Unhappy Frost damage in Fla.

You're Welcome as always
Good luck to you.


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