Kerosene weed killer!!!!

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Kerosene weed killer!!!!

I suspect my neighbor used some kerosene to kill weeds that border our property. I had plans to deveolp that section as a flower garden this spring - and threw some sunflowers there last spring. The sunflowers never grew - as a matter of fact NOTHING grew on that spot - not even weeds!

Is ther any way I can revive the soil and put that spot to good use?

I don't want to turn her in - but isn;t it illegal to use that stuff as a weed killer?
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Why do you suspect kerosene over an herbicide?

Is it the smell of kerosene, or a petrochemical smell?

Well let's assume it is kerosene. It will need to be burned in barrels like they do for old Gas station soil.

Or the dirt will have to be removed & replaced with an inexpensieve fill you can add amendments to. I believe the latter choice will be easier.

What about the neighbors side of the fence? You have to get a petro Chemical out of the area as it will keep on moving & killing plants.

What do you have to offer the neighbor the next time they want to use Kerosene mixed with used Moter oil to spray the fence line? I belive in planning ahead, so I would offer to spray an Herbicide made from Vineger & Citric acid, there are 2 verry potent safe herbacides made with vineger & Citric acid that kill weeds very well.

It's only that I see 2 problems here 1. soil contamnation & A turf dispute over a common fence line & what to use to kill weeds.

I try to work things out with the neighbors way before the bad blood caused by calling in the athorities. We live here & the Law Enforcement seldom makes things workout between neighbors. In many cases it becomes worse with outside intervention. However I know just how you feel.

It won't hurt to try asking if you can replace the soil & takeover the cost & work of keeping the weeds on the fence line down. Then you can use the safe Viniger based weed killers.
What will they care as long as the weeds stay down?

I hope that all works out for you it's a tough thing living next to people who care so little for Our Earth. Try the diplomatic approch first & if that does not work.

The EPA says it's not legal to dispose of petro Chemicals by putting them on or under the soil. Big Fine & clean up costs go to those who do.

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